‘Children of Blood and Bone’ Moves Under Lucasfilm Banner

If you haven’t read Tomi Adeyemi’s Children of Blood and Bone, then you need to head to the bookstore and pick it up. The book is one of the best books that we’ve read.

Fox had previously optioned the book, but now that Fox is under Disney, we had to wonder – will the film be made? What’s going to happen to the option? We don’t know when/if it will ever be made, but we do know that there are some positive movements happening. The book started as a Fox 2000 property.

Disney is placing the adaptation under the Lucasfilm banner.  This is a huge thing and for us, shows that they have faith in the book and the possibility of an adaptation.

The fact that is placed under the Lucasfilm banner assures the importance of the property to Disney. Since Disney acquired Lucasfilm, it will be the first movie that is not connected to Star Wars or the Indiana Jones franchise. That’s a really big deal.

This Is Us writer Kay Oyegun is said to be writing the new script adaptation of the epic fantasy with Rick Famuyiwa, who has been attached to direct.

We’re excited for all the possibilities. Are you?


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