Sarah Michelle Gellar To Return To Television

Buffy Sarah Michelle Gellar is returning to television.

There is no part of my heart that isn’t happy about that. Sure, I didn’t watch Buffy, but I did watch Ringer and I loved that show. So I am thrilled that Gellar is teaming with the forces behind Ringer for her new show.

Ringers co-creators are teaming with her for Other People’s Houses, a dramedy currently in development. And it’s pitched as Big Little Lies and Catastrophe. Yes, sign me up.

Based off the book by Abbi Waxman’s, the show will follow nine people living in Los Angele’s Larchmont Village. We’ll get to see them through the social media lense, “as they try to figure out their lives as partners, parents, friends and neighbors.”

Gellar will play Anne Porter, a working mom and social media influencer who is at the center of all the neighborhood drama.

Are you excited for Gellar to return to television?



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