5 Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘Carnival Row’

Carnival Row is a healthy dose of reality checking intrigue that leaves you feeling frustrated at times for the way that it accurately portrays how people treat individuals that are “different” and elated for the family that forms surrounding these harsh conditions. So before Carnival Row premieres August 30th on Amazon Prime, let’s talk about the things we loved about this show and why you should be watching. Trust us, you won’t regret falling in love with this show like we have, warts and all. 

1. Philo’s story.

Orlando Bloom’s character is the driving force behind Carnival Row. He’s the one you sympathize with and who you are most ardently here for when it comes to his journey, the woes he’ll face during it, and his connection with Vignette aka his ride or die boo. Top that all off with Orlando Bloom selling every scene while being utterly handsome and you’ve got a recipe for grown ass women wanting a poster of him on their walls like they did when they were 13.


2. The special effects and design.

The great minds behind Carnival Row took the time to make sure every single fae looked unique and stunning. From the fairies to the smallest little creature, no detail was left behind or half assed. In the words of Ron Swanson from Parks & Rec, Carnival Row “whole-assed” it. This care in detail also made it so there world feels like any other Victorian Era story but with a twist of the supernatural and fae like.


3. The relationship between Agreus and Imogen.

In a surprise turn of events, which I will not spoil for you because you have to go on the journey yourself, the relationship between Mr. Agreus and Imogen is the most fascinating one of the entire show. This isn’t the person of color teaching the white woman that people who are different are “normal.” This also isn’t her getting her white savior on. There’s a partnership that blossoms between these two; one that stays with you long after the screen has gone blank at the end of the season and one that made me rewatch their scenes together over, and over, and over again.


4. Political intrigue.

If Orlando Bloom is the driving force of this show, then the political intrigue that he finds himself in is the setting of it all. It’s what changes, changes, and influences Philo and the rest of the characters surrounding him. And honestly, it feels hella real and like I’m looking at a version of our world, racists and bigots included. That makes Carnival Row feel relevant and heartbreakingly aggravating at the same time.


5. Beautiful opening sequence.

For the past couple of years, intros have been on the decline when it comes to TV shows. It’s usually the name of the show in a fancy font, followed by a little tune to really make you feel and remember the title name. Carnival Row doesn’t prescribe to that. It’s introduction is a beautifully rich looking opening to a complicated and worthwhile show. In many ways, it reminded me of the beauty of the Game of Thrones intro or West World’s intro. It’s memorable.


Carnival Row premieres August 30th on Amazon Prime.

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