Who Would The Characters From ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Be For Halloween?

My love for Roswell, New Mexico, runs deep. My love for Halloween – not that much. Judge me, it’s cool. But like if you really think about it – Halloween is really scary. People running around in costumes. You don’t recognize them, you don’t know who they are, and you’re grabbing candy from strangers, hoping that they didn’t drug you or put a razor blade in your candy.

Ya, those are the things that I think about.

But it being Halloween, you know – we all got to thinking, what would the cast of the shows that we love be for Halloween. Not the actual actor, but the actor as the character (sorry, I took a Xanax – so expect me to carry on).

And of course I chose Roswell, New Mexico.


WHO SHE SHOULD BE: Liz would be heading out to Halloween activities after working at the diner, so she wouldn’t even take the time to change. She’d rock her uniform and headband, running around Roswell, New Mexico, not giving a shit about what anyone thought of her costumer. And we applaud every single second. Liz in any form is a queen and people should treat her as such!


WHO HE SHOULD BE: There is something sexy AF about Max Evans. He’s got that draw you in, country music star vibe. So who should he be? A country music singer. Take your pick – Tyler Rich, George Strait… but we’re going with Johnny Cash. That smile. That smirk. That drawl. We’re about it.


WHO HE SHOULD BE: Michael Guerin is everyones favorite and by everyone I mean mine. Who would he be for Halloween? Well, I think he’d be Carina MacKenzie – Roswell, New Mexico’s show runner. Yes, I know that he may not know who she is – but lets imagine that this is a world where they do. I feel like the two of them would be the best of friends and they would have such a good time together. It would be sooo much fun. I also believe that if Michael Guerin was dressing as Carina – she would be sporting some Michael Vlamis merch. That would be inception at its finest.


WHO HE SHOULD BE: Isobel is always projecting those princess vibes – so who better than the people’s princess – Diana. She could rock those 90’s vibes and pull of being Princess Diana.

Seriously, look at her. She’s amazing. And Diana was too.


WHO HE SHOULD BE: I don’t think that Alex would dress up. He dresses up everyday of his life and I don’t think that he would celebrate Halloween. I think he’d be stowed away at the cabin so he didn’t have to deal with anyone. Ya, Alex would be way to lost in his thoughts.


WHO HE SHOULD BE: Personally, I think Maria DeLuca is a fucking super hero. She’s been through a lot and she holds that shit in. She puts everyone else first, not realizing how much she deserves. She’s beautiful, smart, and fierce. And she’s a super hero. So who should she be? Wonder Woman. Cause she is.

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