EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Alyvia Alyn Lind Talks Growing Up in the Apocalypse on Daybreak

Growing up is hard. Growing up at the end of the world is even harder. That’s just what 12-year-old Angelica has to do in Netflix’s new series Daybreak. We got a chance to speak with Alyvia Alyn Lind, who plays the enigmatic and badass Angelica, about what it takes to play this character and the bonds she’s developed along the way.

Right off the bat, Lind is quick to clarify, “Angelica is such a crazy character.”

Even before the apocalypse she was a supervised nightmare who craved for a mother figure, but got stuck with people her mom paid. “Even before the apocalypse, she didn’t have that parental guidance. She has a mom that tells her to go to her therapist and tutor. But she doesn’t have that mother/daughter connection.”

And in Angelica’s mind, this is a time for opportunity that she won’t ignore and a reinvention that she is all about and then some. According to Lind, “In the post apocalypse she finds an opportunity to say, “Ok, I get to make a new tribe and I get to find the people that will really be there for me and really have a connection with me.” And I think that’s really exciting for her.”


One of her most important and defining relationships at the end of the world is that with Ms. Crumble. She is one of the only adults that didn’t get turned into gooo when the bombs went off. Part ghoulie, part monster, she’s the mother that Angelica has always wanted, warts and all.

Lind opened up about this relationship and said, “I think that’s such an important relationship in the series because at that time Angelica is trying to find a mother figure and Angelica is trying to find someone to be there for her. And she tried to make this tribe stick that will just not stick with Josh and Wesley. But then she gets to the mall and she finds this person that she kind of takes on as a science experiment but then she develops more of a relationship with her. And it was a great storyline to film and to be a part of. And I’m really loving that people are loving it so much.”

Krysta Rodriguez, who plays Ms. Crumble, also had a bond with Lind that grew behind the scenes. “Krysta is the best. I love her so much. She is just the kindest, most gorgeous person ever. Even with all that witch makeup on she’s absolutely drop dead gorgeous. She, even though that’s her storyline, she is trying to kind of be my mom figure. In real life, on set, she’s a mom to me too. Even off set, we have such an amazing connection between the two of us.”


Back to Angelica. Her growth is a thing of beauty and there are many milestones that Lind’s character hit in finding herself on Daybreak. One of those milestones is one that most girls or young women experience at one time or another in their life: their period. And she didn’t have a parent to help her or Google on the hand to figure it out. She just had herself and Ms. Crumble, aka the monster outside of her door.

“I think one of the things I’m incredibly proud of for Angelica is that scene where she does get her period. Because that is such a vulnerable thing for a 12 year old school girl to go through. And essentially when it’s happening in [spoiler] the cereal factory, with a monster trying to get you outside the door and this guy talking through the vents to you. And it’s such a traumatic thing for all 12 year olds but Angelica really thrives through it.” Lind explained before finishing off with, “She’s just like, “It’s just another bump in my life and I can do it. I can figure this out myself.” Because Angelica is so independent and I think that one of the biggest things that she needs to overcome. I was really proud of her.”

And so are we. Because no matter what Angelica goes through, she’s going to make it. Not all of them will because it’s the apocalypse, duh. But young women like Angelica, well they thrive and survive the post apocalypse, one day at a time.


Daybreak is available now on Netflix.

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