5 Spoiler-Free Reasons You Should Watch Netflix’s ‘Daybreak’

From the tribes to the friendships, there’s plenty to love when it comes to Netflix’s new series Daybreak. It stars Colin Ford, aka young Sam Winchester from Supernatural, as a high school outcast who finds his tribe at the end of the world. Funny, woke AF, and full of spooky ghoulies, Daybreak is a show you shouldn’t miss out on!

1. The friendships

Under normal circumstances, these three wouldn’t be friends. Josh is a Canadian loner/high school outcast searching for his girlfriend. Angelica is a genius who loves fire. And Wesley is Josh’s former bully and now ronin on a sacred mission. But now, at the end of the world, they somehow fit together and make some of the best friendships on Daybreak. Yes, they bump heads often and yes, they face tough choices. But they are family and that counts more than anyone would expect.

2. The tribes

From the Cheermazons to the Stem Punks and Jocks, there’s a tribe to ride out the apocalypse with for everyone. What makes them extra interesting is that each group has distinct logos, ways of dress, and rules that they adhere to because order is still the name of the game at the end of the world. One of those rules, my favorite, is that the destruction of their home isn’t going to stop them from being woke as hell. Homophobia? Non existent. Sexism? Fuck that. Racism? Not on their watch!

3. The ghoulies

These aren’t your regular zombies/end of the world goons who have lost their minds. These are adults who survived the nuclear explosion and have a taste for young flesh. They’re not fast, they’re not super deadly, and this isn’t The Walking Dead so don’t expect gore levels that make you cringe and look away. What they are is shadows of their former selves that make you wonder what parts of them are still there long after they become Ghoulies. Daybreak answers this question in surprising and entertaining ways.

4. The romance

Not going to lie, when first learning about Josh and his love for Sam Dean, I was a bit skeptical. It’s the end of the world and I thought Josh could be exaggerating at the kind of young woman Sam was. Boy was I wrong. Sam Dean and her romance with Josh is built on trust, compassion, and kindness. And that’s all you’re going to get from me! Watch the show to find out more!

5. The breaking of the 4th wall

Now this is where things get really weird. (I know, you didn’t think it would be possible to get weirder when it comes to Daybreak but here we are.) The 4th wall, that invisible line that separates us from the character and his world; it’s not there in Daybreak. Josh is constantly breaking the 4th wall, be it for flashback or because he’s guiding you through the apocalypse and showing you the ropes. And what we’re left with is an entertaining method of storytelling that is easy to connect to.

Daybreak is available October 24th on Netflix.

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