EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jeanté Godlock Talks Mona Lisa & Being Feminine on ‘Daybreak’

At the end of the world, you want someone like Jeanté Godlock’s Mona Lisa by your side. Badass, ballsy, and not fiber of her being holds her back from the kind of person, the kind of leader that she wants to be on Netflix’s Daybreak. We got a chance to speak with Godluck about her character Mona Lisa, what drives her, and how she ended up being Turbo’s right hand at the end of the world. 

To start off, let’s break down how this young woman ended up being the general to end all generals. I said what I said. According to Godluck, Mona Lisa ending up as Turbo’s leading hand had a lot to do with the traumatic injury Turbo had and the fact that Mona Lisa has always been part of the jock group. 

“It was mostly something happened to where Turbo didn’t have that person to lean on and Mona Lisa, she’s the only girl on the football team. And she was just there because she ran with them before the bombs hit. They were her people and so after the bombs fall Turbo gets unfortunately injured and can’t talk. And so Mona, it was like she went, “I can do this.” 

For better or worse, the apocalypse changes you. And for Mona Lisa it was for the best, obviously. Godluck explained, “What happens is that everyone changes a little bit after the apocalypse happens, for better or worse. But I guess it’s kind of just heightened of who you were. And I think she was always a leader. And now she really gets to be a leader per say as much as she is for Turbo.”

Another key part of Mona Lisa, is her badass outfit. And this isn’t something via Scarlett Johansson and her Black Widow outfit. We asked about Mona Lisa’s outfit because it looks straight out of a ‘badass post-apocalyptic hero’ catalog to end all outfits!

When asked about her stand out jock uniform she was quick to talk about the boots, the costume, and just everything that came with transforming into this post-apocalyptic badass.

“It’s so funny because I wore these platform heels, these boots, they’re very tall. I’m a very small and petite girl. But the boots that I put on, every day I just loved being in my costume. It’s just, it really does give you this impression that she’s the queen times 5! And it’s so funny because they’re so dirty. All the jocks are filthy and they don’t care. But Mona is not. She’s very put together. She does not get dirty.”

Because Mona Lisa is still a jock. The end of the world isn’t going to change that. It also isn’t going to change the fact that she fits in there with all the jocks while still remaining quite feminine.

“I just love what they did with her because she’s a jock and she’s the only girl with a bunch of guys, but she fits there. And she’s still really feminine. During the pep rally scene, pre-apocalypse, she’s with all these boys. And you can’t quite tell but she’s wearing a dress. And it’s like a football jersey but it’s a dress they made and it just gives you the vibe that she’s the queen. And putting on that costume was so badass.”

All of this is precisely why we love Mona Lisa. And that love grows even more when Godluck talked what drives Mona Lisa at the end of the world; which, it’d drive us too, even if all of us aren’t jocks and wouldn’t end up in that tribe.

“I think mostly just, she wants to fit in but I think she just has a nature of being a leader so that’s the best she could do for right now. So, she works with the leader of the gang. But he…he can’t talk. So he needs someone to step up and really know how to get the jocks in line and she’s that person. So you know, I think her being a strong female is enough to lead these guys in the post apocalypse.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Daybreak is available now on Netflix.

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