‘Nancy Drew’ 1×06 Review: “The Mystery of Blackwood Lodge” Ep 1×6 Review

Welcome back to Nancy Drew, where ghosts reign supreme, the hell-mouth is about to be opened and literally no one can figure out who killed Dead Lucy and Tiffany Hudson; not even Nancy.

This show continues to cram a lot into one hour of television and just when I think I’ve figured it out, I’m proven wrong. This, both pisses me off, (I like to be right) and makes me clap with joy, because the story can continue and not end.

Let’s get right to it my fellow Nancy Drew fans, because this weeks “The Mystery of Blackwood Lodge” pointed fingers at several murder suspects, one of whom came out of nowhere, and one who has been right under our noses all along!

The Haunting of Lucy and Ryan

Okay, so show of hands if you think you know why Dead Lucy is haunting Nancy? Great. Good for you, my hand was raised too last week! This week however, I’m at a loss. I thought that Ryan was the murderer of both his wife and Lucy, but now I think it might be his parents. Or just his mom. Or Nancy’s dad killed Lucy. Or Nancy’s dad and mom killed Lucy.

The latest episode just opened up all of those possibilities and my jaw dropped because the writers have done a really great job of setting us up for a mystery that will be slow to unravel. I like it.  I thought I knew who did it, and I was so smug about it too, and then, after last night, I felt really dumb. LMAO! Clearly Dead Lucy is drawn to Nancy, and its not because of Ryan, so it has to be because of her dad. Dude is short and I don’t trust him, also he’s Ryan’s family’s attorney so he’s basically getting paid to cover shit up all the time.

I didn’t expect Lucy to be able to follow Nancy around town. I thought she was just haunting her home because she might be buried there…BUT now, I don’t think my theory is correct, because Dead Lucy is strutting around Ryan’s house haunting him too! Wait, can ghosts do that? Haunt two people at once in separate locations? What are the rules?

Dead Lucy is very powerful, and she is not a new ghost. She is showing Nancy bits from her own past and like time traveling with her and shit.  Random take away: Dead Lucy was actually a very pretty girl and a red head like Nancy too! Are they related? Gah!!!!  Its driving me crazy not knowing what is going on, but like at the same time I like it and I keep watching week after week.

K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Bess Goes Out on Real Date with Lisbeth 

#LisBess Ummm, I just want to say that I was in favor of this blossoming relationship and I saw it unfolding in episode two. I love them! They are precious unicorns. Bess is so sweet and a little naive, but that’s okay because she’s cute.

This lesbian story and Bess’s interest in Lisbeth, is a focal point of the show. Maybe Lisbeth and Ace can help Bess figure out who she really is, because lord knows Nancy has her hands full right now. Bess’ not being afraid to embrace who she is.. Well done writers!

Bess and Lisbeth are two lesbian characters who are not afraid of who they are together. Separately, I think Bess is afraid and maybe Lisbeth can be her other anchor.  Guys, Bess is what? 20? I think Lisbeth is older but I’m not sure how much older? They obviously have a lot to work out; Bess is lying about where/who she lives with, her entire background and the fact that she is actually British…

Lisbeth is hiding something, though what? The writers have not let us in on? Is she like a body guard? Or a Hitwoman? She’s definitely not a mortician… Hmmmm, jury is still out on her, but for now they have both agreed to just kiss and think about the rest tomorrow.

Party like its 1999, Just Don’t Die like Lucy Did

The masquerade ball, a.k.a. “The Rich People Fight Club” was a bit boring I thought aka a total let down from a story point of view in my opinion. There were two real takeaways, one, the party is an auction, where rich people sell black market items to the highest bidder, and probably women or men too, at some point.  Number two, Ryan’s family is corrupt and sunk their own ship to steal the cargo, killing 14 crew members in the process.

Ryan doesn’t know this part of his family’s history, which is really weird, so he is innocent? Why does Lucy hate him so much? She keeps burning his hand sorta, mainly just his wedding ring. Is she mad he married Tiffany? I think Dead Lucy frightened Tiffany to death and she died of a heart attack, simple as that. BUT I’m not so sure about HOW Lucy died?

We now know Ryan’s mom may have had something to do with it, and possibly both of Nancy’s parents, but I’d say it’s a bit of a reach to kill a teenage girl because she found out her boyfriends mom was having an affair. Just pay her college tuition, tell her to never see your son again! Hasn’t this lady watched any episodes of Dallas or Days of Our Lives? Does she know who the Dimera’s are?

I digress, Nancy puts the pieces together and actually starts to feel sorry for Ryan and tries to help him, though I’m not sure what good it will do. Ryan’s family basically stole all of their money, they are shady and probably murderers. Ryan’s mom is scary, in a wicked stepmother kinda way, I could totally see her pushing Lucy off of a cliff. #medusa

Freaking Owen!

Uh oh, Ned, you have every right to be worried about Nancy falling for Owen. Sure he’s like 10 years her senior, and possibly Bess’s half brother, but hey, if Ryan can date young girls, so can you. Am I right? Owen is cute, smart, rich, and has tried to protect Nancy, but can he be trusted? Ned doesn’t think so, and Georgia is definitely siding with him after all of her older man drama.

Nancy unfortunately, always like to play her last hand even when she knows she’s bluffing. She is reckless, and she is flirting with Owen, but only to gain information from him. Nancy loves Ned, or truly cares for him, deeply. Ned’s under the impression that Nancy actually likes Owen, because its television folks, and the boyfriend always has to be jealous. Sigh.

Okay, Nancy did lie to her friends and not tell them about a lot of things, but only to protect them. Meanwhile they worked together to solve their own mystery and I loved them more. #Scoobygang. It was just like Buffy, she was always trying to do it alone too, and Willow, Xander and Cordelia were always telling her that she didn’t have to. It took like what, seven seasons for Buffy to understand the concept of an actual team, so Nancy has got a long ways to go.

In the mean time, I’m keeping Owen on my radar, because I’m not 100 percent sure of his purpose on the show yet.  Owen definitely didn’t kill Lucy. He might have helped kill Tiffany, but he doesn’t want to harm Nancy. Owen is not high on my list of suspects right now, but he’s definitely a contender, Nancy should be careful and Ned should remain worried.

Nancy Drew Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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