‘Nancy Drew’ 1×05 Review: “The Case of the Wayward Spirit”

Welcome back my fellow Nancy Drew fans! I hate to toot my own horn, BUT… Toot Toot! This show is wonderful and gets better every week. No wonder it already got picked up for a full season, I will say it again, it’s the new Buffy!

This week we continue trying to piece together who killed Tiffany in “The Case of the Wayward Spirit.”  Also, who killed Lucy? How will the Scooby Gang help Georgia now that Tiffany has possessed her soul? Plus why is Karen the detective lying about her connection to Lucy? We have a lot to talk about this week, as the plot thickens and the suspects get narrowed down just a bit. Also Nancy gets some help from an unexpected source. Lets dive in guys and pick apart this weeks episode of Nancy Drew!

Let’s begin with poor Georgia. Georgia didn’t finish the simple two step ritual her mother instructed her to do to send Tiffany back to her body. Instead she kept the mirror and now she is possessed by Tiffany. Major drag too, because Tiffany is pissed off at Georgia and knew she was having an affair with her dead beat husband. Damn! Okay, so now the husband is back in the top bracket for being Tiffany’s killer. Plus, I don’t like the way he looks.

One of the things I adore about this show is they don’t mess around with whether or not the supernatural is actually happening. IT IS happening, and the audience knows as well as the characters. Do you remember how Buffy knew she lived on a Hellmouth and she never once balked at her teacher being a praying mantis or the swimmer who turned out to be a fish monster? Exactly, and neither do Nancy and her crew, although it does take some time to convince Ned, but he will get there.

I loved Bess throughout this entire episode, mainly because as I said in episode one, she is ride or die! Bess was the first one in the group to be like “Georgia is possessed and I feel like she didn’t put the mirror over Tiffany’s heart,” and guess who was right? Yup Yup! Bess is the new Willow with a rising sign Cordelia. Georgia’s mom is the new Giles because she does all of the research on putting spirits back in their bodies, then whips up a potion of herbal tea to balance Georgia’s Chi.

I don’t know how much it will help though, because Tiffany is a new ghost, and apparently, they are pretty powerful. Basically Tiffany can take over Georgia’s entire soul if given the right circumstances. Uh Oh!  That ain’t good! I mean as Nancy points out, if Tiffany does take over Georgia at least they can find out who killed her right? So it’s not all bad.

My new favorite duo is Ace and Bess otherwise known as the #plantankachors. Love them and their friendship! Remember when Bess sorta came out to Ace and he told her no judgement he just wanted to be her friend? Yes? Well Bess remembers that safe space, and lets Georgia know she holds no judgement towards her, and her affair with Tiffany’s husband. Trust me, Georgia needs all the friends she can get right now, because Tiffany has almost chopped off her fingers and had her write bloody messages on the mirrors of her house. No, no, not “Redrum” that’s been done before guys!

Georgia ends up writing “I know.” on the bathroom mirror while Tiffany’s ex-husband is asleep and trust me he is shook as hell when he wakes up! You think the “I know” message means she knows about the affair he was having or something else? Who else thinks “Dead Lucy” had something to do with Tiffany’s death? Maybe her Tiffany’s death was accidental and that is why she is so confused?

Or Maybe “Dead Lucy” has a grudge against Tiffany and scared her to death? We know Tiffany was paranoid someone or something was out to get her. The threads of this murder/mystery are staring to unravel and I’m here for it. Bess is still the only one in the group who is fucking down to do whatever you need her to do! Bess is the only one, who volunteers to help Georgia’s mom put Tiffany’s soul back in her own body, and Bess is the one, who calls Georgia her friend. It wasn’t a throwaway line guys, I think Bess is really happy in America and she actually has friends, maybe she will find her long lost family as well.

Who is this new guy that strolls into The Claw and asks them to cater this charity event? He says his name is Owen, but I’ve never seen him before although he does name drop the “Marvin’s” who are supposedly kin to Bess, side note, he actually is a Marvin. He’s cute and he and Nancy have some sort of vibe, I picked up on that right away, guess who else did too? Ned. He is none too pleased either.

The real highlight of the catering gig is watching Georgia lose her shit under Tiffany’s control and nearly stab Ryan. He had it coming. #cellblocktango #roxanne #redress

No time to focus on him however, because Tiffany’s sister stole a jump drive out of Ned’s apartment last week but of course she doesn’t have the password to open it. How did she know where to find it? I don’t think the sister had any knowledge of what was going on in HSB, other than she knew Tiffany’s husband was a douche. I’m trying to create my own timeline starting from 1999, the year Lucy died. Tiffany married Ryan when? Was that date ever given? Was she wealthy before she met him? What is on that jump drive? If Ryan knew it existed, Ned would be dead too.

Tiffany’s sister does divulge a huge secret and tells Ace and Ned that Tiffany was trying to bring down the Hudson family. But Ryan didn’t know she was collecting evidence against him so that doesn’t stack up as a motive. However, Ryan lost millions of his families fortune. Is that why Tiffany was murdered? We all know he’s trying to collect the money on her life insurance policy and she had her own assets.  I know there are so many clues staring me right in the face and I’m missing them! Gah! Send help please if you know? CW writers I’m begging you from the bottom of my soul!

Why did detective Karen lie about being friends with Lucy in high school? Apparently they were BFF’s until Lucy went to some party and then came back all weird afterwards, then a year later she was dead. How much you guys wanna bet, Lucy was raped by Tiffany’s husband, Ryan at said party in high school? Wanna keep going? I’m willing to bet Lucy was pregnant, and Ryan, being the rich asshole he undoubtedly was, didn’t want to get caught up and ruin his family’s reputation, so he pushed her off of a cliff and buried her body in the yard. Yikers!

I know it’s a good theory right? I’ve watched enough episodes of “The Closer”  and “SVU” to sniff out a murder plot gone terribly wrong. Nancy knows that “Dead Lucy” is actually trying to help her solve two murders with one stone but where to look first?

Everyone is still a suspect, well at least all of the adults are. Okay, minus the Georgia’s mom, she totally not a suspect, she’s the only helpful adult.  I trust her, even if she is a total screw-up, her heart is in the right place.

Dude, WTF happened in the library of the Hudson’s? Winds coming up out of nowhere, Tiffany dropping clues no one seems to understand except Nancy and Ned. How did Nancy know that her high school buried a time capsule the year Lucy died? How did she know that it would hold multiple clues on several people’s untimely demises? Was it dead Lucy leaving her bread crumbs? Is Nancy somehow clairvoyant?  I’d like to think so!

Georgia’s mom completely turned into Tangina from Poltergeist and sent Tiffany’s spirit back to the other side.  Happy endings all around right? Wrong! We all know that never happens and the CW writers are just warming up!

Nancy Drew airs at 9/8C on the CW network.

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