Chris Wood to Guest-Star as Kai Parker on ‘Legacies’

TVD Universe fans, how are we feeling?

Entertainment Weekly exclusively revealed that Chris Wood, who played the infamous Kai Parker on The Vampire Diaries, will reprise his role in the second season of Legacies.

Kai Parker first appeared on The Vampire Dairies in its sixth season, and returned for the show’s eighth and final season. He left his mark in various ways, most notably for murdering his twin sister Jo on her wedding day, while she was also pregnant.

The last time fans saw Kai, Bonnie Bennett used an Ascendant, that Josie and Lizzie Saltzman’s magic helped create, to put Kai in a prison world. The twins found this Ascendant towards the end of the first season of Legacies. Josie recently gave the magical artifact back to her father, to avoid letting their sociopathic uncle out of said prison world.

The CW

However, something must go very wrong or very right, depending on your stance towards the character, as Kai Parker is set to return to Mystic Falls starting in the 12th episode of the second season, which will air in February.

Since Kai is also a Gemini coven witch, there is a great chance he may know some vital information on how to save both Josie and Lizzie from the Merge on their 22nd birthday. Although, with Kai’s track record, he probably won’t give up any intel without getting something in return.

In order to save Josie and Lizzie, the twins and Alaric may have to make a deal with the devil. Kai Parker is the closest they will get, and we cannot wait to see how it all unfolds.

Legacies is new Thursdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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