Karamel was the big reason that I was so passionate about Supergirl — and guess what, that’s okay. I don’t need your permission to watch Supergirl for a ship. I don’t care if you hate my ship. All I care about is that I get to one of my favorite ships interact on screen once again!Read More →


The infamous and wicked Kai Parker returns to the TVD Universe on Legacies Season 2 Episode 12, “Kai Parker Screwed Us.” Kai brings so many twists that this episode could have been a season finale. There’s some payoff regarding Ric’s terrible decision of sending Salvatore students to a prison worldRead More →

We’re riding a Chris Wood high this week. The actor guest starred on Legacies last night, and woah was that a good one. But now we know where we will see him return to television for good. The actor has been cast as a lead in the ABC pilot thirty(something(else), a sequel toRead More →

TVD Universe fans, how are we feeling? Entertainment Weekly exclusively revealed that Chris Wood, who played the infamous Kai Parker on The Vampire Diaries, will reprise his role in the second season of Legacies. Kai Parker first appeared on The Vampire Dairies in its sixth season, and returned for theRead More →

Nothing’s perfect. No television show is perfect. To expect perfection would just be wrong, even if a show that delivered several amazing episodes in a row manages to deliver back-to-back lackluster episodes that just lacked the pacing of the others. Not that “Make It Reign” was bad. It’s just, quiteRead More →

Supergirl continues to prove that the strength of any show is the characters that make up its universe. While “Dark Side of the Moon” wasn’t my favorite episode in the past few weeks — because Supergirl has been pretty solid of late — this was another prime example of continuingRead More →

I have to say, Supergirl has impressed me these past few episodes. It’s hard to believe there was a point this season where I was questioning whether this show had forgotten its heart. Focusing on the characters that breathe life into this show; focusing on the relationships that teach usRead More →

Honestly, I don’t know what it is about DCTV shows when it comes to seriously delivering at the end of their seasons, but Supergirl is really starting to deliver near the end of its third season after a somewhat lackluster middle. Seriously, every single one of these DCTV shows couldRead More →

You could say that this day has been an emotional and eventful one. From Timeless season finale screeners to almost driving my car off the road twice to this emotional episode of Supergirl, I find it surprising that I can even find the words to write. I’m still having troubleRead More →

Oh, how life imitates art. Especially when it comes to the Supergirl fandom. Just as the Supergirl fandom has differing opinions — which can amount to personal insults — Kara and Imra found themselves confronted with opposite ideologies when it came to defeating an evil that threatened to destroy theRead More →

It feels like we were living in winter hiatus just yesterday. And yet here we are again headed into another Supergirl hiatus which is more a network blunder than anything. Luckily, this episode didn’t do too much to make the wait unbearable. Supergirl has always been the superhero show thatRead More →

Supergirl has proven that it’s at its best when it’s churning out storylines wrought in emotional context. Where it makes the audience feel rather than merely watch. It was something that was prevalent in the opening episodes of this third season. But lately, it’ been lacking. Honestly, Supergirl has beenRead More →

It’s been six weeks; 42 days; 1,008 hours since Supergirl’s midseason finale, which found Reign victorious and Kara comatose. The only thing worse than a winter hiatus is a summer hiatus, which is five times longer and five times more excruciating. But Supergirl has returned. And with an important reminder,Read More →

I recently wrote an article on the amazing work and campaign from Chris Wood in his fight to end the stigma surrounding mental health. The I Don’t Mind movement has already touched so many people all over the world and is getting the conversation started. I personally know so many peopleRead More →

Supergirl. A symbol of hope. A symbol of courage. A symbol of protection. A symbol of strength. When you think of Supergirl, you think of an invincible warrior dedicated to protecting the innocent and the not-so-innocent. You think of a superhero who cannot be outmatched; of a superhero that isn’tRead More →