‘Nancy Drew’ 1×04 Review: “The Haunted Ring”

I am so excited that Nancy Drew got picked up for a full season order! I told you all that this new show was the one to watch, and I’m never wrong. We pick right back up where we left off in “The Haunted Ring,” so praise the writers for continuity, ’cause I definitely appreciate it. Bess and Nancy are roomies, Georgia is still being haunted, and Tiffany is still pissed off that she was murdered. My money is still on her no good husband. He is not to be trusted by any means. Lets dive in shall we, we have a lot to unpack, so many unexpectedly delicious things happened in one hour.

Lets just address the unicorn in the room shall we? Bess is really British and is posing as an American. Exactly! Say wha??? Didn’t see that one coming did ya? Nope, neither did I, except I knew the actress playing her was British, so I just applauded her for having a great American accent. The writers had a rabbit up their sleeve however, and threw us this little treat.

Bess’s revelation serves as the B-Plot in this episode, since she came to America to find her birth father, who is supposedly a wealthy man living in HSB. Nancy knows of him and her family, kind of? Nancy tells Bess, that she will help her find her family, but first she needs to know if Bess killed Tiffany.

Now, we all know Bess is not a killer but Nancy is not convinced, even when Dead Lucy and Dead Tiffany are both haunting her house simultaneously. Ummm helloooo poltergeist! Where is Tangina when you need her? Also, is Bess the only logical one in this group? Because she tries her hardest to convince Nancy the ghosts are trying to warn her when they keep blowing up her electronic devices, but does Nancy listen? NOOOOOOOO! Ugh.

I told you guys Georgia had powers! I told you her mom did too! I love being right. It’s the best. Do you remember when Georgia said last week that she knew all about the salt circle because her mom used to protect her with those? Well she knows because she has  a “gift” her mother is a mystic and Georgia cannot hide anything from her.

What is scary is that Georgia’s mom knows she might die and cannot do anything to help her. Georgia, it seems, has to be the one to break the curse that has been put on her. Georgia’s mom tells her that Tiffany is pissed off she died and is now an angry and confused spirit, because she had unfinished business. Isn’t this the issue with all ghosts? Whatever.

Georgia’s mom tells her that in order to give Tiffany some peace, she needs to put Tiffany’s ring back on her finger and place a mirror over her heart. Say what now? First, how are they even going to get to Tiffany’s corpse without being noticed? Secondly, Bess is not wanting to give the ring up, because even though she has good sense, she is still a clepto and likes shiny things! Listen Bess, your being haunted too, so like get on board or else get sucked into the TV with Carol-Anne. 

In the C-Plot, yes C, I told you a lot happened in this episode. Tiffany’s long lost sister reappears to reek havoc on the HSB police department because they are idiots. I kinda like her, oh and get this bonus tidbit, she and Ace go way back, apparently they were lovers or soul mates? I’m not sure which one, and it doesn’t even matter, because she shakes things up at the funeral for Tiffany.

Ace begins to wonder where his alliances lie and you can tell he is still not over her. Remember last week when I said Ace was playing both sides? Well, we now he is working for the police chief to pay off a debt he owes…. Hmmmm, what did you do Ace?

In the final, major plot twist for the evening, Georgia is leaving work, all alone, because she is hard headed. Turns out, she never placed the mirror over Tiffany’s heart like her mama told her too! Gah!!! All of a sudden, smoke comes out of the mirror, engulfs her and she is instantly possessed by Tiffany! Awwww snap ya’ll! Things are getting real good. I cannot wait until next week!

Nancy Drew airs at 9/8c on The CW.

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