‘Nancy Drew’ 1×08 Review: “The Path of Shadows”

Welcome back Nancy Drew fans! I know it’s been a hard two weeks without any supernatural mysteries to solve but all is well now, because Nancy and the Scooby Gang are back and with Ace’s soul hanging in the balance the stakes are higher than ever. There were a lot of intercepting storylines happening this week, so let’s dive in shall we.

The Car Wreck Was Intentional

Ace and Laura’s car wreck was attempted murder, at first I thought who would want to kill Ace, he is an innocent little pony, but come to find out it was Laura they were after. Listen CW writers, don’t hurt Ace okay! He and Bess are my favorite characters and their like Lucky Charms with milk when they are together. Bess even knows the passcode to unlock his phone! They are adorable and literally everyone in the Scooby Gang wanted to hug Bess while she waited for news about Ace’s precarious condition.

Do you all trust Lisbeth? Nancy sure doesn’t and I’m starting not too either, but sometimes Nancy’s suspicious nature rubs off on me. I want to like Lisbeth, she makes Bess very happy but I just don’t want her to be a murderer either. That would break Bess’s heart. Turns out she’s a cop working under cover to take down the Hudson’s and she really does like Bess. Yay! Good job writers, because I didn’t see that one coming. #welldone #unicorns 

Sheriff Taylor is Shadow Walker

I take back what I said earlier about the sheriff, it’s true I thought he was an asshole, always blocking Nancy’s investigations and I also thought he was framing Ace, BUT I was wrong and I will happily admit that, because the gang are in sore need of at least one other adult they can trust besides Georgia’s alcoholic mother.

Who knew Sheriff Taylor could see ghosts just as well as Nancy and track spirits, I was more than satisfied when he didn’t even bullshit them and straight up asked them, “Which one of you has been messing with the spirit world and pissed all these ghosts off?” Haha! Sheriff Taylor is going to be our Spirit Guide guys! He is legit and apparently is kind of like Ace’s godfather? That was never expressly said but implied so don’t hold me to that theory.

Nancy’s House is the Hellmouth

I called this one from the jump! Nancy’s house is pretty much ghost central and “The Claw” where they all work is the subway station. The ghosts are attracted to Nancy’s house, because she opened up some kind of portal when she found Dead Lucy’s dress hidden in her attic, plus Nancy’s mom and dad may have buried Dead Lucy in their backyard. The number one unanswered question is why is Dead Lucy’s name written all over Nancy house, like literally every wall. Dead Lucy wrote a message out but it’s not legible or maybe they shot this scene so dark I couldn’t make out what it said. Either way are no closer to finding out who killed her and why.

Nancy and her dad have a lot of unresolved issues, which showed up as dark clouds in the spirit realm and they kept trying to suck Georgia into the afterlife forever. I mean Nancy’s dad did admit that he’s not a killer and he doesn’t work for the Hudson’s but he’s still hiding something.  Luckily Georgia’s  inherited her mom’s clairvoyant gift, although it manifests itself differently with her, Georgia can go in-between worlds, which is pretty cool, and of course she is the one who has to save Ace and bring his spirit back to his body. #yourwelcome #tangina

Georgia’s Little Sister Is the New Carol-Anne

Uh-Oh, at the close of the episode a lot of storylines get wrapped up except for that damn “speak and say” dragon toy that Georgia’s little sister has been carting around. That damn toy also happens to be a telephone with a direct dial to ghost city. I don’t know which ghost took Georgia’s sister, all we get to see is a shape, and creepy red eyes.  I’m hoping next week they have to work with Dead Lucy to retrieve her from the spirit world, and I know Georgia’s mom will be back and I am here for that! Love her.

Also, I want Bess to start reading up on how to save children who get stolen by ghosts, same as Willow used to do for Buffy. I want Ace to come out of his coma now that his spirit is back in his body and damn it I want some closure on who killed Tiffany and Dead Lucy, all evidence points to the Hudson family but which one did it? That family needs to be stalked by ghosts and driven out of town if you ask me.

Nancy Drew airs 9/8c on the CW.

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