A ‘Christmas Prince 3: The Royal Baby’ is Absurdly Ridiculous, and That’s Why it Works

Often, while watching A Christmas Prince 3: The Royal Baby I paused to wonder if this movie was really trying. I really shouldn’t have, considering I’d seen the first two multiple times, and I was very familiar with what this whole series is, but I promise, there was a few times where stuff happened that was so …well, outlandish, that I asked myself: Are they doing this on purpose?

The answer, if you ask me, is yes, and that’s why the movie works.

Sure, everything about it is borderline ridiculous, from the treaty to two Kings needing to build a crib, to the people planning the baby shower only arriving the day BEFORE the baby shower, and that’s without even mentioning the curse, that Queen Amber looked LIKE THAT while she was in the middle of contractions, or the fact that the baby they used for the newborn looked like it was at least 6 months old.

I swear, I was distracted for the last few minutes of the movie, because I kept thinking, imagine if she’d really had to push a baby THAT SIZE out of her.

But, maybe because of those things – certainly not in spite of them – the movie still sorta, you know, works? Much like the first one did, and the second one kinda didn’t. No, it’s not entirely serious, and yes, they keep using the same shot of the outside of the “castle,” but the movie is still kinda, you know, fun.

And, it is definitely more romantic than the second one. Ironic, when you consider the second one had the actual wedding.

Case in point: I’ll take a Prince who gets up in the middle of the night to indulge me wanting to go on a fact-finding mission regarding an ancient curse that might affect my unborn baby. Even if he then falls asleep in the couch. At least he got up!

Plus, he seemed really involved in everything regarding the birth, from the planning, to the building of the crib, and that’s absolutely something I’m here for. As women, we do the hard part to begin with, so a little help and consideration goes a long way.

Not to mention he ate in solidarity too! Though I will be honest, the strawberry glaze donuts are the worst, and absolutely no one eats two at the same time. You just devour one and then move onto the next one.

It is known.

The premise of the film, baby aside, is as ridiculous as you might have expected, with an old treaty and an ancient curse. But to prove to you that this movie absolutely does not care, there’s that map of who knows where, the fact that the King and Queen of Penglia traveled with just ONE PERSON, who was apparently meant to take care of everything, and yes, of course, the fact that this person apparently went to school with Simon, who is, of course, still around.

Why is Simon around? Oh, yes, to have a convenient scapegoat when we have to suspect someone, and for Melissa to make that frowny face as everyone warns her that Simon is, well, Simon. We don’t really care much about their romance – at least I don’t – because it’s not like we’ve seen enough to care, so when it turns out he only wanted to propose, and he ends up doing it, you know, as the Queen is going into labor, half of me was like oh cute and the other half was like CAN’T YOU FIND A BETTER PLACE, DON’T YOU SEE THE BABY IS COMING?

But apparently no one cared that the baby was coming. They were all like, lounging there, for absolutely no reason. Oh, God, and then Richard left to get the doctor, who, of course, got into an accident as she was on her way, not in a car like normal people, no, in a horse, because what’s this movie without a horse?

And yet, despite all the ridiculousness I have pointed out, and the ridiculousness I haven’t, I still watched the movie, and I’d probably gladly watch a fourth and fifth one, and even tune in for the future wedding of Amber and Richard’s baby daughter, because …well, sometimes, at Christmas, you just want to watch a silly, borderline ridiculous movie, laugh at all the nonsense, and feel good that, in the end, everything worked out.

On brand, Netflix. On brand.

See you next year!

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A Christmas Prince 3: The Royal Baby is available to stream on Netflix today.


  1. Hi, I think maybe there is another movie but a story with Princess Emily. Not sure but I feel it might happen. (I know I have a lot of mistakes Sorry.✌️😂) What do you think? I have an explanation of the part where the queen says “they looks so adorable.” That was said on the ice rink. I felt a strong hope there!

    1. Author

      That’s a perfect part 4! Passing the torch!

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