‘Ghosts’ 2×22 Review: “The Heir”

Ghosts 2×22, “The Heir,” is a diabolical season finale that packs a massive punch. Read on for our review of the season finale!

‘Ghosts’ 2×21 Review: “Whodunnit”

Ghosts 2×21, “Whodunnit,” delivers a gut-punch and gasp-worthy resolution to a century-old murder mystery. Read on for a full review!

‘Ghosts’ 2×20 Review: “Woodstone’s Hottest Couple”

Ghosts 2×20, “Woodstone’s Hottest Couple,” features the return of a beloved chaotic teenager intent on causing as much trouble as possible.

‘Ghosts’ 2×19 Review: “Ghost Father of the Bride”

Ghosts 2×19, “Ghost Father of the Bride,” brings the laughs and the feels as the series starts winding down for the season.

‘Ghosts’ 2×18 Review: “Alberta’s Descendant”

Ghosts 2×18, “Alberta’s Descendant,” is a musical tribute to Alberta and a perfect story about realizing dreams.

‘Ghosts’ 2×17 Review: “Weekend From Hell”

Ghosts 2×17, ‘Weekend From Hell,’ sees the return of a less-than-savoury character. Read on for a full review!

‘Ghosts’ 2×16 Review: “Isaac’s Book”

Ghosts 2×16, ‘Isaac’s Book,’ is further proof that this show just cannot miss. Read on for some ghostly fun and Hamilton slander!

‘Ghosts’ 2×15 Review: “A Date to Remember”

Valentine’s Day may be over, but Ghosts 2×15, “A Date to Remember,” turns the romance all the way up. Read on for a review!

‘Ghosts’ 2×14 Review: “Trevor’s Body”

Ghosts 2×14, “Trevor’s Body,” is emotionally damaging, in the best possible way. Read on for a full review!

‘Ghosts’ 2×13 Review: “Ghost Hunter”

Back from a brief hiatus, Ghosts 2×13, “Ghost Hunter,” is a near-perfect riff off of a franchise that needs it.

‘Ghosts’ 2×12 Review: “The Family Business”

Romance is everywhere on Ghosts 2×12 “The Family Business,” and it’s not even Valentines Day yet. Read on for our review!

‘Ghosts’ 2×09 and 2×10 Review: “The Christmas Spirit: Part One” and Part Two

The holidays have arrived at Woodstone Manor with Ghosts 2×09 and 2×10, “The Christmas Spirit” Parts 1 and 2.

‘Ghosts’ 2×07 Review: “Dumb Deaths”

Ghosts is continuing to shine a spotlight on the beloved spirits of Woodstone Manor with 2×07 “Dumb Deaths.” It’s Pete’s time to shine.

‘Ghosts’ 2×06 Review: “The Baby Bjorn”

Spooky season may be over but Ghosts 2×06 ‘The Baby Bjorn’ is still serving spirited hijinks for days.

‘Ghosts’ 2×05 Review: “Halloween 2: The Ghost of Hetty’s Past”

With spooky season upon us, it only makes sense that Ghosts would gift us with a second Halloween episode, with “Halloween 2: The Ghost of Hetty’s Past”.

‘Ghosts’ 2×03 Review: “Jay’s Friends”

If you thought Ghosts couldn’t get any better, you’d be wrong. “Jay’s Friends” 2×03 is a picture-perfect episode. Read on for our review!

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Ghost’s second season is showing no signs of slowing down, with Season 2 Episode 2, ‘Alberta’s Podcast’.

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Ghosts Season 2 Episode 1, “Spies,” kicks off a spooky good time with the Woodstone Manor family.

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