Fangirlish Best of 2019 Lists: TV Moments

We couldn’t miss a chance to discuss some of the best TV moments of 2019 before this year came to a close. Obviously there are so many more amazing moments that could be included on this list, but we wanted you to be able to finish reading the list before the new year.

2019 was a great year for television, so let’s dive into some of the best moments!


The Good Place: Eleanor Is the Answer

The Good Place has rightfully taken its spot as one of the best shows of 2019 but also one of the best shows EVER. In a Chidi-centric fall finale, The Good Place reminds fans and Chidi how central the relationship between Chidi and Eleanor really is. Eleanor is the answer for Chidi, and Chidi is the answer for the Eleanor. Those two find answers and hope within each other. It was so beautiful to see that on our TVs again. It was a cherry on top of the Cheleanor sundae that this revelation came with a montage of cute moments, and some of them were ones fans haven’t seen before.



Good Trouble: Callie Comforts Mariana

Good Trouble is one of the most underrated shows on TV. This year has been so long that it’s difficult to believe Good Trouble premiered in 2019. Thankfully it did because it meant we got to keep up with some of our favorite characters from Freeform’s The Fosters Callie and Mariana Adams Foster. This scene of Callie running to Mariana’s side after Mariana has an extremely difficult day at her tech job is what really secured our love of Good Trouble. Before the sisters really got to know the residents of The Coterie, it was reassuring to know they had each other. As a lot of fans of The Fosters entered a new phase of their lives alongside Callie and Mariana, it was reassuring to know that some things never change and they’d always have each other. After all, they’re Adams Fosters, and they don’t give up.


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Suits: Darvey

It literally feels like we waited for this for 84 years. Harvey and Donna were always meant to be, but the show threw obstacle and obstacle and obstacle their way, till we started doubting if one of the most obvious couples in the history of TV was ever going to happen. And then …they graced us with this scene. With Harvey realizing that the one person he wanted to share everything with was Donna. With Donna opening the door and accepting Harvey. With a makeout session for the ages. It was, without a doubt, one of the best TV moments of the year.



Big Little Lies: Renata’s Iconic Outburst

Renata Klein is one of the best parts of HBO’s Big Little Lies’ disjointed second season. Laura Dern’s portrayal of this absurd but oh-so wonderful woman is one of the reasons we stuck with the show. This moment is one of our favorites because it is so justified and satisfying. It made us cheer even louder for Renata. Renata confronts her husband after his lies and selfishness pile up, and ends her destructive outburst by saying, “Maybe you should have shown a woman a little respect.” Of course we can’t forget to mention she also tosses her wedding ring in his face, ending their chaotic marriage on her terms. Even if Season 2 of Big Little Lies wasn’t as great as we had hoped, we can definitely crown Renata Klein as one of our MVPs.  



How to Get Away with Murder: Wes Is Alive

Sometimes when a show is in its final season, viewers can begin to wonder if there are any truly shocking twists and turns left to unfold. How to Get Away with Murder proves they can still keep fans on the edges of their seats when they revealed that Wes Gibbins is still in live, despite his apparent death in Season 3. Not only does this reveal turn a lot of heads, it also seems to reignite an interest in the show for fans who stopped watching around the time of Wes’s passing.


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All American: Asher and Olivia Kiss

We’ve been watching these two and their amazing friendship since season one. Asher and Olivia have had each others backs through so many ups and downs so it’s no surprise we were majorly shipping them. He’s been an advocate for her sobriety and she supported him in his journey to get back on the football team and mend fences with his father. We knew at some point a kiss was coming and when it finally happened in Season 2, it was perfect. The moment he leaned in and said “If you don’t want me to kiss you, please say something now” we swooned because consent is always sexy. We loved the slow burn of getting us to this point with these two and that kiss was definitely well worth the wait. 



Schitt’s Creek: David and Patrick’s Engagement

This one is such an obvious pick for a yearly round-up of incredible TV moments. Schitt’s Creek is all kinds of wonderful. David and Patrick are one of the most precious couples on TV. Sometimes you have to take the time to appreciate beautiful, heartwarming moments, and David and Patrick’s engagement is just that. They relationship has had its ups and downs, but we could not be happier that it has led them to this moment. We also hope this means we’ll get to see David and Patrick’s wedding in 2020.


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Roswell, New Mexico: Michael Is Alex’s Family

Roswell, New Mexico’s first seasons led fans to champion Malex. The chemistry between the actors was electric. The characters past and present made fans believe the two men had a future together. They found a home in each other when the rest of the world caved in around them. This is especially obvious in the moment when an old prison housing aliens is about to explode with Alex and Michael inside. Alex does everything he can to convince Michael to leave with him, including telling Michael that he is Alex’s family. Can you hear us crying? Because we absolutely are. We just want them to be happy.


Disney Channel

Andi Mack: Cyrus Comes Out

Andi Mack made Disney Channel history when Cyrus said the words, “I’m gay.” No other character on a Disney Channel show had said those words before Cyrus. Cyrus came out to some of his friends in earlier episodes, but he did not say those words to his best friend Jonah until February of this year. This moment is so incredibly important and moving. The ripple effects Cyrus’s truth has implicitly or explicitly had on Andi Mack’s audience is so meaningful. Here’s to hoping more programming targeted towards a younger audience will take a page out of Andi Mack’s book and share their character’s truths, even if it has never been done before.



Sex Education: It’s My Vagina

Can you believe Sex Education started streaming on Netflix this year? It gave us the iconic moment where the students of Moordale High stand by Olivia when a private picture of hers gets spread around the school. In a sea of TV shows that show high school as hell, which it most definitely can be and Sex Education doesn’t shy away from that, this moment of solidarity is a standout one from its first season. Yes, teenagers have their moments, but they are often the first ones to stand up and do the right thing when everyone else is afraid to do so.


One Day at a Time: Anxiety

While 2019 saw One Day at a Time’s cancellation, it was also rescued by Pop TV within the very same year. Before all of that happened, Season 3 of this amazing show streamed on Netflix and gave us an episode about anxiety. Penelope spoke with Elena and Alex about anxiety and depression. Penelope explained them as chemical imbalances that no one should be ashamed of, and it was one of the first times we had heard mental health issues discussed so honestly on TV.


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Legacies: Hope’s Sacrifice

Hope sacrifice to close the Malivore pit and save Mystic Falls and everyone in it is one of the biggest and best TV moments of 2019. It brought Hope’s story of self discovery full circle. Long-time fans of the TVD Universe would know that Hope has been searching for her life’s purpose, even more so after the death of her father Klaus Mikaelson in the series finale of The Originals. Hope’s sacrifice also set up Legacies’s mysterious second season as a world without its lead. Most importantly, this moment proved that there isn’t just one purpose for Hope Mikaelson or anyone else for that matter. We are more than one things because human beings or supernatural creatures are complex. That’s what Season 2 is exploring now, and we are very thankful for that.


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Jane the Virgin: Jane’s Monologue

In the series premiere of the final season of Jane the Virgin, Jane Villanueva learned that her dead husband wasn’t actually dead, leaving her confused and stressed. This led her to give a seven-minute monologue in front of her mother and grandmother, in which Jane questioned every little thing about her current situation. She discussed whether she was still Michael’s wife, what to do about her relationship with Rafael, and whether she should tell her son about any of it. This monologue is one of the most impressive things we’ve seen on TV this year.


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Arrow: Smoak-Queen Family Reunion

This moment was one of the most shocking TV moments of 2019. We did not see the timelines collapsing as a plausible plot line for Arrow‘s final season, yet that’s exactly what happened. That’s part of the reason why it’s so great. Eight seasons in and Arrow still found a way to shock us. Thanks to The Monitor’s sneaky methods to lead up to the epic “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” Oliver reunited with his children. Stephen Amell’s face when he turned and saw Mia and William grown was enough to make anyone shed a million tears.


Fleabag: It’ll Pass

It wouldn’t be an end of the year list without a Fleabag moment. Season 2 of Fleabag is one the best season of TV we have ever seen, and we’re not just saying that because of the Hot Priest. That makes picking a single moment all the more difficult. Everything about this season of Fleabag is breathtaking, including the moment when Fleabag declares her love for the Priest. In response, he said, “It’ll pass.” It was gut wrenching but true. It hurt even more knowing the Priest is one the few people who really saw and listened to Fleabag.



The Mandalorian: Baby Yoda

If you’ve been anywhere on the internet recently then you’l know exactly why this is on the list. Baby Yoda has taken over the world ever since his first appearance on Disney+’s The Mandalorian. We aren’t mad at it. He’s adorable and harmless, and that’s exactly what the world could use a little more of right now. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t fawn over gifs or memes of Baby Yoda. Baby Yoda is here to make people happy, and there is nothing wrong with that.


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A Million Little Things: Rome & PJ on the Roof

One of the most important things that A Million Little Things does, is that they take every moment very seriously. They do their research, they make sure to provide trigger warnings, and they make sure that their audience knows that there is always help. You are worth everything. You are not alone. We’ve been die hard fans of the show, but this year, the scene with Rome and PJ on the roof – when Rome is talking to PJ and out of his suicide attempt – our hearts broke in a million pieces. It was one of the best acted moments we’ve ever seen and it had a phenomenal script. This show continues to break boundaries and we’re so thankful it’s in our lives.



Batwoman: The Perfect Suit

DCTV fans were ecstatic about Batwoman‘s series premiere and seeing Kate Kane in the iconic suit. Kate, on the other hand, wanted to make sure Bruce’s old suit was hers. She told Luke Fox the suit would be perfect “when it fits a woman,” and she wasn’t wrong. Kate Kane has been soaring through Gotham, kicking ass, and saving the day. It was so exciting to see another female-led DCTV join the mix, especially on Sundays leading up to Supergirl.


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Grey’s Anatomy: Supporting a Patient

This moment on Grey’s Anatomy is one that will be talked about forever. The episode “Silent All These Years” is one of the best in Grey’s Anatomy‘s historical run. The image of the women on and behind the show lining the halls to support a patient who was a survivor of sexual assault is a hard one to forget. Sexual assault and the Me Too movement were spearheads for quite a lot of activism and conversations in 2019. Grey’s Anatomy showed support for survivors in this moment.



Euphoria: Rue’s Relapse

HBO’s Euphoria is another show that took 2019 by storm. It’s all-star cast delivered a monumental first season. Really, the scale of this show is massive. This is evident in the Season 1 finale when Rue relapsed. Euphoria communicated the complexities behind a drug relapse through an unforgettable musical number. It was inventive and stuck in the minds of fans and critics. Zendaya’s performance in this scene, and the entire season, deserves a million and one awards.


Shadowhunters: Malec’s Wedding

Even though 2019 saw the end of Shadowhunters, the show didn’t end without giving loyal fans Magnus and Alec’s wedding. Surely this moment would have happened further down the show’s timeline had it lived past 2019. That being said, we are glad we saw Magnus and Alec share their vows before Shadowhunters ended.



Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Rebecca Chooses Herself

In the series finale of the legendary CW musical dramedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rebecca Bunch chose to love herself over choosing one of the tree men she had pursued over the course of the series. Fans of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are well aware of the complex journey Rebecca went on during the show, and much of it had to do with self-identity and self-love. As much as many of us wanted Rebecca to choose the guy we were respectively rooting for, it was satisfying to see Rebecca finally choose to put herself above everything else.



Shameless: Gallavich Is Back

Season 10 of Shameless marked the return of Cameron Monaghan as Ian Gallagher and Noel Fisher as Mickey Milkovich. Gallavich fans are a resilient bunch, because the best decade of Shameless taught us to be. After both Cameron and Noel left the show, it was difficult to believe we would ever see Gallavich bliss on our TVs again. Lucky for us, the stars aligned and the newest season of Shameless gave us Mickey and Ian more domestic than we’ve never seen them before. That’s something to celebrate. If anyone on that show deserves some happiness, it is definitely those two.



The Flash: The Power of WestAllen

In the Season 6 premier of The Flash, Iris and Barry had one of the toughest conversation two parents could have. They spoked about losing Nora and the way it made them both feel. They opened up to each other about difficult feelings. Iris admitted that for a second she wanted the black hole that swallowed one of the last things she had to remember her daughter to swallow her too. That’s a difficult thing to share, even to a best friend and partner. By the scene’s end, the couple realized that the only way the could get through such a difficult time was to “carry this burden together.” WestAllen is stronger together, and that’s why we love this scene so much.


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Supergirl: Dreamer’s Secret Identity Revealed

In an attempt to remind the citizens of National City that aliens and humans can live in harmony and that one of the city’s bravest heroes, Dreamer, is both human and alien, Nia Nal revealed her identity to the public in an interview with Kara. Nia also shared that she is a trans woman. She shared all the parts of her identity that make her different and how that isn’t a bad thing. Nia’s speech reinforced how differences are great, rather than a reason for division and violence. The scene became even more emotional when Nia went on to list so many things about herself beyond the surface, because humans and aliens alike are much more than what people can see. This was one of Supergirl‘s strongest moments. It’s one we will remember for many years to come.



Game of Thrones: The Knighting of Brienne

Brienne of Tarth is a true hero and it’s about time she got acknowledged for it. It’s not just because she is one of best fighters in Westeros, male or female. What really makes Brienne a hero is that she is strong AND soft simultaneously; her softness does not negate her strength in any manner. In fact, her gentleness is her greatest strength. It is this gentleness that gives her courage to face foes more horrifying than you can imagine, to be just, and to defend the innocent. While the last half of season 8 is perhaps the most egregious breach of fan trust and maybe even the worst finale of any television series in history, the best episode of the season, and maybe even the series focuses on her–“A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.” Brienne is honored with a knighthood, the first woman in Westeros to receive the honor. She’s knighted in front of a room of accomplished men and none of them begrudge her the honor. In fact, they all celebrate her. Perhaps what makes this moment even more poignant than it already is, is that she is given the honor by the man she loves, Jaime Lannister. This is what feminism looks like–women and men on equal footing, supporting each other. Brienne’s courage, integrity, and gentle heart make her knighting one of the best TV moments of 2019, and I would say for all women in television history.



Atypical: Cazzie

This moment is such a win for Cazzie shippers who have been holding out hope for these two since they first shared the screen together. Their relationship started as an endearing friendship and slowly developed into something more. It was quite a ride to watch Cassie and Izzie come to terms with their feeling for each other, but we are so glad they finally did.



Brooklyn 99: Amy’s Truth

While investigating a case about sexual assault, Amy shared her truth with her husband Jake. She spoke about the time she was harassed by a superior. Amy told Jake, “This kind of stuff has happened to literally every woman I know. I just wanted to help make it better for this one woman.” That’s why this scene made it on our list. Brooklyn 99 has never shied away from difficult subject matter, and this scene is an example of that. It’s also an example of how prevalent workplace assault and harassment is in the world of the show but also in real life. This moment resonated with so many people because they empathized with Amy. They could see their experience or the experience of someone they know through her story. This moment is also hopeful because it reminds viewers that there are good people in high places doing what they can to help others in similar situations. Yes, Jake and Amy are fictional characters, but there are law enforcement officers in the real world doing what they can to make the workplace and the rest of the world a safer place for everyone. As Brooklyn 99 tackles this story with care, it offers hope and optimism in return.

What were your best TV moments of 2019? Share them with us in the comments below!


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