I Will Go Down With This Ship: Kastin Edition

Ships. We live and we die by ships. Ships are a big part of who we are. That being said, we’re introducing a new column here on Fangirlish, entitled, “I Will Go Down With This Ship.”

Each week we’ll be examining a ship and talking about all of the reasons that we love that ship and why we will go down with that ship being our OTP.

So where do we begin? Well, for us, that’s going to be our latest obsession.

If you’ve been here the past few days, you know that we’re obsessing over Kat and Justin on Spinning Out. The show, which centers around figure skating, is so complex and so layered. We see it all in this show and though we’re talking all about that in our reviews we’re talking about all of those layers.

But today we’re talking about ships and the ship we’re going down with.


But why? What makes Kat and Justin OTP goals. We’ll break it down for you.


Hey there bad boy. Yes, we’re looking at you Justin Davis.

You always know that shit is going to get real when the bad boy is looking at the good girl and she’s completely put off by the idea of him. Though secretly in her mind she’s thinking what taking a ride around the sun on him.

From the moment Justin batted his eyes at Kat we knew we that we loved him. But when did we know that these two were OTP?
That’s right. That’s the moment. The moment that the skated at the pond. Justin and Kat are experts at keeping up their walls, so letting them down for a minute was one of the most beautiful things for them.

Justin and Kat slept together a year prior and for Justin, he felt different when he slept with her. He called her the next day and he doesn’t do that.

But seeing him let down his walls and let her in – my heart went out to him. Then seeing these two skate together and the way that the tension popped off the screen – I knew she was falling for him to.

And I jumped up and down and got excited. Because my ship – the ship that I never knew I needed was setting sail.


Kat has all the things going wrong in her life, but she’s making strides to get her shit in order and that includes getting involved with Justin as his pairs partner.

But not before she says no, denies that she wants to, they play a cat and mouse game. She’s telling him off in every way possible, not thinking about the repercussions and then finding that doesn’t work. She needs to let him in. The way that these two need to break down walls, the way that they allow each other in – well there is no where but up for these two.

Seeing Kat get defensive when he touches her – pulling away – I knew that there was no where but up for these two. Whatever it took, however long it took to get there – I was in. All in.

These two need each other and watching them get there is something my heart is in for the long road on.


I think that when you fight for something that you love, it’s one of the biggest risks that you can take.

For Kat – she knows what she doesn’t want to be, so figuring out who she wants to be should be the easy part.

But for her she’s looking at what she’s got to do versus what she really wants.

I think one of the best things about Kat is she never gives up, she’s not willing to give up and Justin seeing that she’s not willing to give up is something that connects them.

Seeing them connect on the ice – even when they aren’t speaking is a beautiful thing.


Who would have known that meatloaf can heal rifts? Not me, because I will stand by that shit being gross. However, when Dasha knows that these two need to find a way to bond, she drops them off in the middle of nowhere and they end up at a diner trying to figure out their road to each other.

Over meatloaf.

It always seems to be Justin letting down his walls to let Kat in, but I see it being a hard thing for him. I see that for him, loving someone is the scariest thing. Why? Because his Mom passed away, because he’s got issues with his Dad, because allowing someone in is scary.

But them allowing themselves to let anyone in – well, that made my heart skip a beat. Letting down your walls – vulnerability is a sexy thing.


I was pissed that I couldn’t find a GIF of Justin zipping up Kats jacket. The internet has failed me.

When Kat landed her triple and Justin ran out on the ice and hugged her, I knew that I was so far gone that you couldn’t catch me. My eyes were swelling up with tears.

But when they went out to celebrate it and that sexual tension flew around everywhere! MY HEART EXPLODED.

But when I thought Kat was leaving, I got sad. But when she showed up at that door and she showed that she really wanted to be there, my shipper heart was SOOO HAPPY.

These two are everything and the way that they connect.



It’s the little moments with these two that are everything. The way they look at each other. The way that they grab each others hands. The way that the move in sync. These two are there for each other.


Love can make you not see straight and you don’t notice the things that are happening around you. It’s hard to know what is going on with Kat, because she’s keeping the secret of her bipolar from Justin.

But he notices her surge in energy. He notices that there is something different happening.

And he asks.

And though he can’t make an informed decision on what is happening with her because she’s not telling him the truth – the fact is – he notices.

And that means something.


Personally, the way that Justin handles it when Kat goes off the deep end and throws a party in his suite – I have to commend. He’s trying to protect her, he’s trying to protect his relationship with his Dad, and he’s trying to protect his love of skating.

But the way he’s acting responsible, even when he has no idea what is going on – that’s admirable. It’s easy to run away when the going gets tough.

Justin lands in jail after this whole situation and his Dad has had enough. He tells Justin that he’s done and that he needs to get out.

Mandy convinces James that Justin has changed and James gives Justin one last chance to come clean.

But he doesn’t.

He’s taking Kat’s bipolar secret to the grave, because he loves her.

Eventually Kat tells James the truth about who she is and he illness. This – though she doesn’t realize it – is her way of showing her love for Justin. His Dad apologizes and Justin tells him that he’s not mad cause Kat is sick.

Justin is hurt because he doesn’t know that he can trust that she loves him.

And that broke our hearts.

But we’ve not given up on our ship. These two keep proving that they love each other. Over and over again.


For Justin and Kat, deciding to skate at regionals wasn’t an easy choice, but they both don’t want to give up their dreams because of what is happening.

Kat’s heard her entire life that she can’t trust her emotions and judgement. So how does she know that she can trust the fact that she loves Justin? She’s afraid to.

But when Kat finally realizes that her disorder doesn’t make her unable to feel – that it’s just a part of who she is and her emotions are still valid and she does love Justin – we’re like FINALLY.

But we get it. We get that Justin is apprehensive. We get for him that this hurts because he let her in. And when you let people in, you run the risk of hurting yourself again.

He doesn’t know if he can trust her feelings and her explanation.

But here’s the thing about love. No matter how much you deny it or think that it doesn’t exist because of the circumstances surrounding it – you can’t deny it’s there.

And these are just some of the many reasons that we will go down with this ship.

I Will Go Down With This Ship will run every Friday on Fangirlish

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