‘Spinning Out’ 1×03: “Proceed With Caution”

There are always two sides to every story and to be honest – both sides can be the truth. But in finding the truth, you need to be able to see it from the other side.

And you have to be willing to open yourself up to take responsibility for your own actions. Seeing both sides of the equation isn’t an easy thing, but blaming yourself for everything is easy. Blaming yourself, beating yourself up – that is easy because it’s what we all know to do.

But when it comes to Kat and Justin on Spinning Out, we need them to connect. We need them to be one. Because if they aren’t – this will never work and personally – I am so invested in this show already and this ship – that I need to make sure that these two get in sync.

And I am not just talking about skating. I am talking about as friends too.

The reality is that if it’s a fast burn or a slow burn, I am willing to invest the time and have the patience, because I know that these two are worth it.

If they can just see past themselves.

The third episode of Spinning Out is entitled, Proceed With Caution.

Trust issues force Dasha to get creative with training, bringing the skaters out of their comfort zone. Suspicions grow around Mitch.


We all have a person in life that is pure evil. PURE EVIL. Leah is that person to Kat.

Let me say that I can see why Leah is mad. Justin was her way to win. She wants to win and I can’t blame her for that, because we all want to win. If you tell yourself that you don’t – you’re lying to yourself.

Being dropped isn’t easy. It’s a fucking pain in the ass. It’s hurtful and it is a blow to the ego. It makes you feel worthless. But then there are people who won’t show their emotions well and instead of dealing with hurt – respond in anger. So, yes, there is a part of me that wants to have some patience with Leah, but she’s such a bitch, I don’t care.

Kat is upset because Justin is late and she’s waiting for him for the morning session. Leah tries to act like a friend, but she’s not a friend. She’s not even close to a friend. But she is doing something smart – she’s getting inside of Kats head. And for Kat, she’s already got so much going on – the reality is anything can throw her off.

When Justin does show up – he’s a cocky ass, but even I have to admit that I find the way he smiles seductive and I want to forgive him. Kat tells him to warm up and he says that he did last night. Twice.

We’re all glad to know that your penis can perform multiple times Justin.

By the time that these two are skating, Leah is so far in Kat’s head that by the time she finally lets Justin lift her she does the thing that she shouldn’t. She looks down. She freaks and on the way down – she slices Justins thigh with her skate.

It was an accident, but for Kat – accidents have a way of living in her loudly. She doesn’t let go of them. She holds onto them and lets them take over her. It’s too much for her and she has a panic attack – which forces her to run to the bathroom. But then Kat does the shit that freaks me out – she bites her arm and draws blood.

I don’t understand this whole biting ones self thing, but I am interested to see how this unfolds and how Kat gets help for it.

But, I digress.

The thing is – Justin and Kat – we’re rooting for them. We want them to succeed but seeing them stumble is part of the journey. I know that.

One of the best parts of Spinning Out is the chemistry between Kat and Justin. They are so magnetic, so captivating. You look at them and you want to see them together. You want to know that they will always be okay. You’re rooting for them to win.

You know seeing them that these two are all so fucked up and that the ways that they are fucked up is what keeps them from really communicating with each other. They won’t get out of their own way. But lets be thankful for Dasha – cause she’s got a way to fix it.


Dasha doesn’t put up with anyones shit. Like if you’re going to start shit – you are gonna face her wrath and she’s not one to fuck with. She knows that Justin is acting like an asshole and she knows that these two don’t trust each other. So how do you fix it and make people trust in each other?

Trust exercises.

Dasha takes Kat and Justin to the middle of nowhere and tells them to work their shit out.

I am assuming by this she means to work together to find their way home. But there are no rules in this. Kat though, wants to do it the right way. But Justin, he’s like well, there is Lyft.

Now, if I was in a position where I had to walk miles, I would cheat too. Not even gonna lie. Especially if there is snow. And there was A LOT of snow.

But when you should be walking for a long ass time – at least Justin is smart AF and knows he needs to waste time, because Dasha will catch on. So he takes her to a diner.

A diner that his Mom used to take him to.

I honestly feel like for Justin, this is as vulnerable as he can get. It’s the only way that he knows how to let her in – to show her that he’s trusting in her. I truly believe that Justin cares for Kat. He wants to skate with her, but he also in some way wants to show her how much he cares. However, showing that you care – being that vulnerable – isn’t easy for either one of them.

So they talk over meatloaf and agree to try. And for them – that’s as vulnerable as they can get.


Justin invites Kat to a party – and Kat doesn’t want to go. But Marcus doesn’t want to leave her with Justin alone so he says he is going to meet her there. Only Kat doesn’t get to go to the party.

Enter Jenn. Jenn – the best friend who is trying to do right. The best friend that is always trying to look out for Kat, but the best friend that is always reacting on emotion and never thinking shit through. She tells Kat that she thinks that Mitch could be right.

Because Serena and her were in the locker room and Serena asked her if she should post a pic with Mitch. Jenn asked Serena if Mitch was doing anything inappropriate. Anything that she’d want to talk to an adult about. Serena reacts hastily and of course – Leah overheard and plants seeds in Jenn’s head. She said that the rumor is that Mitch left his last skater because he was involved with her and she had a mental breakdown.

I can’t blame Kat for wanting to protect her sister and running to try and do just that. I don’t trust Mitch. I don’t trust Mitch at all. He’s creepy. He’s overbearing. He’s just not appropriate. I feel like Kat has every reason to think the worst, because she’s not given any other choice in her life. I get that for her – everything is about protecting her sister.

And I respect that so much.

Kat and Jenn break into the trailer and find that Mitch is married and getting a divorce. The divorce papers are stamped adultery. They automatically assume that it’s because Mitch cheated and that’s why his former student quit and went to rehab.

So Kat, wants to protect her sister and goes running to tell Carol. But here’s the thing – Kat’s suspicions are wrong. Only, I don’t know if they are. I don’t believe that they are as of yet. But like Leah got in Jenn and Kat’s ear, Kat got in Carols. It’s worse because Carol is off her lithium and so she’s paranoid.

I honestly believe that Carol doesn’t care which one of her daughters succeeds, she just wants one of them to achieve the dream that she couldn’t. She doesn’t care who she has to sacrifice, what part of their soul that she has to take – as long as one of them achieves what she couldn’t.


Justin is pissed that Kat didn’t come to his party. Of course she can’t tell him it’s cause she was committing a felony.

I feel bad for Justin, because he really really really just wants to be on good terms with Kat. I know that I may be reading a lot into this – but I firmly believe that for Justin – the night that him and Kat had sex – well it meant something to Justin. He comes across as this manwhore, but what he is – is more. He’s so complex.

And he’s really just looking for someone to feel for him.

Justin is so pissed about Kat not coming to the party that he’s completely blowing off practice and so Kat is fed up. Kats had enough. She walks through the hotel to Justin’s room and tells him off. She tells him that she’s been blaming herself, but it is both of them. Telling Justin to get his shit together was what she needed to do and what he needed to do was listen.

He’s had everything given to him and what he needs to do is allow himself to let people in.


When Justin makes his way to the rink – Dasha tells him that it’s harder when he cares and Justin claims he doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Ya, ok, Justin.

But that’s not my favorite part. My favorite part is when he apologizes to Kat and then tells her he would never let her fall.

And I feel like it was more than just a lift he was talking about.



  • Serena finding out that she was on a trial period broke my heart. She’s got issues with people leaving because they always do. I wanted to jump through the screen and hug her.
  • Carol quitting her job was the stupidest thing ever. Someone needs to put her ass back on meds.
  • I’m getting more and more worried about Kat. I feel like something is wrong there that I am missing.
  • Jenn hitting her hip during the break in – I know that something is going to come from that and that really bothers me. Jenn isn’t taking care of herself, but I don’t think that she ever will.

Spinning Out is airing now on Netflix!


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