‘Spinning Out’ 1×04: “Keep Pinecrest Wild”

I will never stop raving about the fact that I LOVE KAT AND JUSTIN.

If you are in any way tired of that, I suggest you stop reading because it’s like a big love letter to Kat and Justin because they are my OTP and I will fight for them.

The fourth episode of Spinning Out has me loving them even more than I did the first three episodes and I LOVED then! This episode is called, Keep Pinecrest Wild, and well – it was all sorts of wild.

Facing family pressure, Jen struggles to hide her injury while Serena’s progress makes her a target. Justin and Kat’s “connection” take a turn.

There is just so much going on and all I can see is that I have endgame – Kat and her Mom getting well and Jat (Justin + Kat) to happen.

Lets break it down –


Carol can’t let go of when she skated. She blames Kat – as we all know for the fact that she had to give up her career.

She can’t stop thinking about when she skated. It’s what she’s hanging on to. I feel like because she couldn’t hang onto her career, because Kat failed her senior test, she’s doing everything that she can to hang onto the last hope – Serena.

It’s all been intensified because of her disorder.

But Carol is also searching for someone to care about her – so she loves any and all attention that she is getting from Mitch. And when these two decide to go out – my heart stops. NO! NO! NO! Don’t fuck shit up for Serena.

First of all – anyone on bipolar medication should never drink. Ever. And so Mitch and Carol out on date – drinking – I am worried about the decisions that Carol will be making. They are impulsive, out of control, and hurtful to others.

And I don’t think that Carol really likes Mitch. I feel like for her – it’s hanging onto something, keeping herself feeling like she’s on the ice. Even though she isn’t.


Carol, oh Carol. I know that you are off your meds, so I need to cut you a little bit of a break, but I so strongly detest the way that you treat Kat, that I have no sympathy for you.

Carol has isolated Kat, but has decided that she’s going to intimidate the shit out of her daughter, because she knows that Kat hates watching her skate. So she shows up to practice and makes a hard situation even harder for Kat.

Kat is having some issues with tracking – keeping in sync with Justin. She’s wanting to – she’s wanting to make sure that this works, but when she confronts Carol and tells her to stop watching her skate, Carol gets in her head. Carol tells her that she doesn’t know if she is a pair skater, that she doesn’t know if Kat can learn to connect with someone.

But one thing I admire about Kat is that she is one that never gives up. She never wants to give up, even when the one thing that anyone would do is give up. She’s trying everything, but Justin doesn’t take it seriously – as seriously as she does in her eyes. But that’s the thing – Justin is trying everything that he can to connect with her.

Kat has let her Mom get in her head and convince her that she’s not able to connect.


Serena is improving leaps and bounds and you have to admire her growth.

As in all sports – there is competitiveness – and her friend Harley’s Mom – Marianne, is determined to give her daughter an edge. So she gets a little jealous when Serena lands a triple flip double toe. And so what does Marianne do? She tells Serena that they were all worried that her artistic scores would bring her down, but the jumps will help.

Serena has never had anything easy for her. And so this gets to her. So this sends Serena into overdrive. She’s practicing her artistic elements over and over.

I think this is one of the times that I admire Jenn, because when she sees Serena going into overdrive, she talks to her. Marianne was getting in her head. Marianne and everyone is freaking out because Serena is getting good – so good – and that is a lot for all of them. It’s competitive. They are all friends, but when it comes down to it – it’s still a competition.

Jenn tells Serena to own it and I am proud that someone did.

Marianne is the car pool. She keeps talking down to Serena. And I have never been so proud of Serena as when she tells Marianne off.

She tells her that her haircut looks really cute and it makes her face look way less puffy.

I am proud of Serena for standing up for herself. I feel like she is getting the short end of the stick every single time we turn around. I feel like Serena needs something – because everything in life is against her and people are bringing her down for the sake of bringing her down.

Marianne is a bitch that needed to be put in her place.


Lone wolf? No one really is. We all want to be around people. But for Kat – she’s a lone wolf as a defense mechanism for dealing with her Mom. It’s the way she copes. And I personally kinda admire the fact that Kat’s been able to be that strong.

She wants to connect – you can see it. So she tries with Marcus. Personally, I think it’s because Marcus is a safe because she knows he cares. But Kat decides that she’s going to make an effort. She’s going to show up at his ski – because that is how she can show she cares. Marcus is impressed she shows up, but I think that he’s making life long decisions off a temporary emotion.

And that temporary may not be his. It’s hers.

Marcus is excited that she is there, that she’s shown up, that they are on a date. But Kat, well – for her she’s obviously forcing herself.

Kat and Jenn head to the bar while Marcus is buying something and of course – Justin is behind the bar.

Kat is not speaking to Justin. But I personally don’t feel like it’s about Justin – I feel like Kat is doing two things.

1 – She’s embarrassed by her actions.

2 – She’s terrified of feeling.

So when she sees Justin – it brings it all out of her.

Justin really cares about her. Justin really likes her. Kat can’t see past herself.

Marcus and Kat on their date – they are just so cute. Marcus asks Kat how she knew becoming a pairs skater would be worth it. Kat says that skating is like breathing, that she doesn’t particularly enjoy it, but she can’t imagine not doing it – but if she stopped, it would be like drowning. I feel like this connects them and I am excited that Kat connects with someone.

But I am excited that Justin interrupts them and stops them from kissing. Why? Because it’s obvious that Kat doesn’t love Marcus. She’s settling on what she thinks people want her to.

But Marcus deserves more than that. He deserves someone to love him for him. I know that he can’t see it right now, but he deserves better. And when he does see it – it will make the hurt that he has less.

I don’t know – I feel like there is so much more to Marcus and I can’t wait to see what we get to learn about him.


Justin wanting to talk isn’t a good thing. Is anyone saying they want to talk ever a good thing?

Justin sure as fuck makes things bad – because he can’t take responsibility for himself. He instead reacts like a jealous boyfriend and tries to tell Kat that it’s all her fault. That if they aren’t tracking – it is on her. It’s because of what she won’t do.

And then quits.

Like here’s the thing Justin, be open and honest about your feelings. Don’t punish Kat cause you’re an asshole.

Now – we all may not like Mandy, but I do. I laughed so hard when she throws a cow bell at him and tells him off. Mandy has to be one that has a come to Jesus moment where she tells Justin to get over himself. It’s never easy to hear what the world sees about you and you don’t see about yourself. I feel like Justin has so many emotions that he’s never dealt with and it is killing him inside. He misses his Mom.

He doesn’t know how to be, because he lives with this pain.

Mandy may be a reminder that his Mom is gone, but she’s also – if he would let her be – a reminder of the fact that he deserves to be happy, loved, and can have people care for him. Mandy may deliver the hard messages, but the messages that she delivers are not what he wants to hear. It’s what he needs to hear.

And I admire her for having the courage to tell him that it’s okay to be happy. Remembering that about yourself and seeing that about yourself – it’s a hard thing. It’s a hard thing for anyone to accept about themselves. We all deserve love and sometimes seeing that about ourselves is the scariest thing, but also the most freeing.

Justin won’t cut himself a break. But he deserves to. His Mom didn’t die because of him and he needs to know that. She’d want him to be happy. She’d want him to be loved and to love.

Getting through to Justin isn’t an easy task, but the good things in life aren’t always easy.


Mandy got through to Justin, because he asks Kat to meet him at the pond.

And not to brag, but I was right. Justin admits to Kat that he tried to call her the day after they had sex. That he was hurt after she didn’t call him back. Justin doesn’t see her like all the other girls. He sees her as someone that he wants to get to know. He wants to be around her. He wants to love her and show her that she is worthy of love.

When Kat and Justin are together you can feel the chemistry. You can feel the love between them. You can feel that these two are drawn to each other. Personally seeing them skate always feels exciting. But seeing this skate – well, it’s different. It feels so intimate. So beautiful. It feels like you are peaking in on a personal moment, though I am all for it.


  • I feel like I am going to have to write a huge article just on Jen and her hip. Her friendship is just – well I feel like it’s not healthy for Jen. And I kinda wanna just hug her.
  • Mitch is seeming less and less creepy to me every day.
  • I really am hoping that we learn more about Justins family. Seeing him thinking back and remembering when his Mom died, I just died.
  • Dasha is a rock.

What are your thoughts? Are you loving Spinning Out?

Spinning Out is airing now on Netflix!

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