‘The Mandalorian’ Season 1 Roundtable

With the first season of The Mandalorian complete, the staff at Fangirlish sat down to discuss our thoughts and feels about this season, but also speculate on season two. What did you think? What are you hoping for in season two? Leave a comment and join our discussion!

1). That’s a wrap on the first season of The Mandalorian! Share gif that describes your overall reaction to the season.

Ashley: I’m Cara Dune and the weapon is The Mandalorian.







Julie: This is me, wanting more. 


2). A host of new characters were added to the Star Wars universe in this season alone. Do you have a personal favorite? 

Ashley: Cara Dune, all the way! I love her physicality. Not only is she physically strong, most of the time in the science fiction realm, when you have a “tough” girl, she’s tiny and petite (think Black Widow). Cara Dune is BUILT and can snap you in half. As a fellow “sturdy” girl, it made me feel seen. I really enjoyed watching her match Mando physically, but she’s also snarky and fun. She’s definitely climbing my list of favorite Star Wars gals and she’s on my cosplay list too. I also really loved seeing her softer side, especially in the final episode. I can’t blame her for being soft towards Mando. I am too.

Lizzie: I mean, Baby Yoda aside, because Baby Yoda is Baby Yoda, I’m gonna say Cara Dune. She was already one of my favorites from her first appearance, but in the final two episodes, especially when the words “…of Alderaan” were uttered, there was so much about her that clicked, and she just became even more badass, which she already was! Plus, I have a soft spot for characters, especially the female ones, that defy stereotypes, and she definitely does. 

Gillian: I wound up liking pretty much everyone in the main cast and wish some of them (*cough*Cara Dune*cough*) had been in every episode. But honestly, my favorite character was IG-11. I really liked his introduction and yes, I know he would have killed Baby Yoda and that’s bad, but I also adored how they brought him back. His appearance in the finale especially was brilliant. Loved him in both nurse droid form and deadly assassin mode. Also, voiced by Taika Waititi, I mean, there’s really no bad!

Julie: I’m going to go with the main character himself, who we now know as Din Djarin. I love that reluctant hero trope, and he fit it so perfectly. I loved the care he gave for Baby Yoda, and the connection between the two of them as fellow foundlings. He has a backstory that we can’t wait to hear more about, and is a marshmallow under that hard exterior. And let’s not forget the power of Pedro Pascal, portraying a character in such a compelling way that made us love him, even if we got to see his face for less than a minute in the entire season. Simply briliant. 

3). This season was filled with lots of great moments. Share a gif of your favorite scene. 









4). The season felt like it had closure overall, but there are still some loose threads out there. Which one has you flustered until next season and why? 

Ashley: FENNEC SHAND. Goodness gracious, do NOT waste Ming-Na Wen like that. Who was standing over her? Is she still alive? ANSWER ME, JON FAVREAU!

Lizzie: BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO FENNEC SHAND? Is she really dead? And, if she is, who’s that person standing by her body? Is that person going to want revenge on Mando thinking he’s the one that killed her? Why am I even asking that when the answer is obvious?

Gillian: I need to know how Moff Gideon got a darksaber. I’m not caught up on Clone Wars or Rebels, but I know that saber has been around and how it fell into his hands is something I’m definitely interested in.

Julie: Who is the child? Where did it come from? How does this fit in the greater Star Wars story? Is that baby going to be wearing a cute little Mandalorian helmet next season?

5). Star Wars is known for its action sequences, but it’s got a lot of moments that will punch you in the feels. Which moment gave you the most feels? 

Ashley: I think the one moment that legit made me tear up is in 1×03 when the rest of the Mandalorians show up and allow Mando and Baby Yoda to escape. That is a textbook definition Tolkienian Eucatastrophe and I loved it.

Lizzie: Every second of Baby Yoda and his new dad Mando. Seriously, just …the last two episodes in particular, from Baby Yoda protecting him, to Mando just …treating him like the kid he is, his kid. I don’t know what I expected this to be, but it wasn’t this. And I loved it.

Gillian: I tend to go back to episode 4 a lot when thinking about the season. I loved the Mandalorian interacting with Omera and realizing that he might not be able to protect Baby Yoda as much as he wants to. I think that episode was a turning point for him in regard to Baby Yoda.

Julie: I loved the connection between Mando’s past and the baby’s. When they declared in the last episode that he would be the child’s father until its family is found or it is grown, got me right in the feels. This is the way. I love that Mandalorians are this hardcore group of warriors, but some of their codes are so soft. 

6). We had a great team of directors this season. Who is your favorite and why? 

Ashley: I’ve got to hand it to Deborah Chow. My two favorite episodes this season were directed by her. She’s great at action, but the camera work she does really gets me. I was so blown away by her work with this show that I was eager to watch her other directorial work as well. I’m hopeful that she’ll be brought back in to direct next season too!

Lizzie: I enjoyed all the episodes, and I think the team was amazing, in general, but I’ve gotta give this one to Deborah Chow, the first woman to direct a Star Wars property. There was a lot that came with that, and I thought both her episodes were amazing. I can just imagine the fanboys trying to find fault with her, and so maybe that’s one of the reasons I’m picking her, but overall, I think she deserves credit for outstanding work, fanboys or no fanboys. 

Gillian: Deborah Chow’s episodes were pretty great, but I have to shout out Taika Waititi once again. The finale had everything I love about Star Wars: humor, great action sequences, fun team-ups. I was always a fan of his, but now I definitely want to see what else he can in the galaxy far, far away.

Julie: Since Deborah Chow was taken by the other ladies, I’m going to say Bryce Dallas Howard. Her episode had a lot of lot of emotional beats that gave us more insight into the characters and the universe we were visiting. 

7). Place your bets here! Will Mando and Baby Yoda go to some place we’ve seen before in the Star Wars universe or will we be breaking new ground?

Ashley: I’m going to say yes to all. It’s always fun to see new worlds, but by doing both, they’ll be anchoring it more to the existing universe. To me, that helps make it a more cohesive story.

Lizzie: I think it’s time for new ground, and I think it’s in their best interest to break new ground. There’s so much to the Star Wars universe still to be explored, and that’s sort of the point of Disney+, isn’t it?

Gillian: I have always loved seeing new planets in the Star Wars universe and eventually finding out where Baby Yoda and OG Yoda come from is especially exciting for me. I have been a fan of Yoda since I was a kid. It would be kind of fun to see them make a trip to Endor though.

Julie: I would like to see a blend of both. I love the nostalgia of visiting places we’ve seen before, and to see how they are faring after the fall of the empire. But new and exciting places that expand the universe are amazing as well. 

We have spoken.

The Mandalorian will return for a second season on Disney+. 

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