Queerly Not Straight: The Bisexual Known as Clarke Griffin

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It’s come to my attention on Queerly Not Straight that some people, a subsection of fans of The 100 in particular, do not understand the word bisexual or that Clarke Griffin is one. So, since the tides have turned in this ridiculous direction and we are here now, let’s break things down for those that are unsure, unclear, or uncertain about what a bisexual is.

Clarke Griffin is a bisexual. She is sexually/emotionally/physically attracted to both men and women. And that’s more than ok. It’s fantastic, liberating, and the kind of character that you want to see on TV. It doesn’t matter if Clarke ends up with a man or a woman, her sexuality remains that of a bisexual and no amount of arguing or back and forth can change that.


Nevertheless, we are here because this explanation isn’t enough for those in The 100 fandom. Just to clarify, I don’t give a hoot about Clarke Griffin. I quit The 100 ages ago when they were trying to fashion themselves as The CW’s own version of Game of Thrones. And I am here, writing to you lovely readers, because I am a bisexual woman who has had enough.

Clarke Griffin, who will be ending her journey on The 100 in season 7, is a bisexual. She has been with women, most notably for fans the former commander known as Lexa. And from what we’ve seen in the past couple seasons and the fact that this upcoming season is the last one, Clarke Griffin will most likely end up with Bellamy aka a man.

For some, the ones that are confused about what a bisexual is, this is a biphobic disaster. How dare The CW in all of their writing glory lead a queer woman into the arms of a man? Well, they can if that queer woman is bisexual. Clarke ending up with a man aka Bellamy, doesn’t take away from her feelings for women, the fact that she is queer, or that at one time or another she had a BOND with Lexa.


Clarke is a bisexual woman and she and her experiences are not being erased because Bellarke is endgame. And again, this is from someone who doesn’t watch the show anymore but who is sick and tired of people calling Bellarke a biphobic hot mess. It’s not. Clarke is attracted to men and women, she’s been with men and women, and her endgame is a man.

Still queer.

Still bisexual.

Still 100% Clarke Griffin.

Queerly Not Straight posts every Tuesday with opinion pieces, listicals, reviews, and more focused on the LGBT community (and occasionally about the Latinx community since I am Latinx.)

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  1. Good article, but a nitpick: the two out of three pictures/animated gifs (the two top ones, both from season 6) are not Clarke, it’s another character (Josephine) who took control of her body for a few episodes. (A long story, if you haven’t seen season 6.)

  2. Honestly thank you so much for writing this article!!! I dropped the show a while ago but I heard there was a last season so I guess I’m back in lol. As a bisexual woman I’m so frosted with the lack of understanding that just because Clarke might end up with a man DOESNT MEAN SHE ISNT BI!!! I’m sick of people lecturing me, a queer woman, about how I’m wrong and how it’s homophobic for her to end up with a man. Anyway sorry for the rant but thank you again for writing this!!!

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