Queerly Not Straight: The Bisexual Known as Clarke Griffin

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  1. Ivana says:

    Good article, but a nitpick: the two out of three pictures/animated gifs (the two top ones, both from season 6) are not Clarke, it’s another character (Josephine) who took control of her body for a few episodes. (A long story, if you haven’t seen season 6.)

  2. Erin says:

    Honestly thank you so much for writing this article!!! I dropped the show a while ago but I heard there was a last season so I guess I’m back in lol. As a bisexual woman I’m so frosted with the lack of understanding that just because Clarke might end up with a man DOESNT MEAN SHE ISNT BI!!! I’m sick of people lecturing me, a queer woman, about how I’m wrong and how it’s homophobic for her to end up with a man. Anyway sorry for the rant but thank you again for writing this!!!

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