‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 7 Trailer Has Finally Arrived!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s season 7 trailer has finally landed and we are here for more of the Nine-Nine crew! When we last left off the team was trying to expose Kelly’s crimes with the assistance of the Vulture, C.J., and Wuntch. Things fell apart and everything looked hopeless until it was revealed that Jake had a backup plan that ended saving the day. The only hiccup in all this is that Holt didn’t spend his required time as a uniformed patrolman before becoming detective.

The network continues on this story in the season 7 trailer for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In an 80’s style cop drama trailer we get our first glimpses of the Nine-Nine. Holt is finding it difficult acclimating to his life on patrol. (Even Cheddar doesn’t respect him anymore.) We also caught Amy being a boss ass bamf while Jake found himself coming up against Holt and their sudden power dynamics shift.

Season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is 13 episodes long with the premiere happening February 6, 2020 with back to back episodes of the NBC comedy. Here’s hoping NBC bumps up the episode order to 18 like they did in season 6. It stars Andy Samberg, Stephanie Beatriz, Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero, Joe Lo Truglio, Andrew Braugher, Dirk Blocker, and Joel McKinnon Miller. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was created by Michael Schur and Dan Goor.

Check out the trailer for season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine below:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns February 6, 2020 with two back to back episodes at 8/7 on NBC.

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