7 Favorite Moments from ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “Sicko” & “Suicide Squad”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s hour season finale, consisting of the episodes “Sicko” and “Suicide Squad,” made us grateful all over again for NBC rescuing this hilarious, heartfelt, and entertaining comedy. So from Captain Holt jokes about Wuntch to #Peraltiago shout out by the writers to us, the viewers, let’s breakdown our 7 favorite moments from the season six season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

1. That Captain Holt joke that no expected to be funny.

The infamous marshmallow incident should’ve clued us in that Captain Holt would find his podium moved slightly as the ultimate joke. He really lives his life to the beat of his own drum and doesn’t find humor in the same things that we do. Also, kudos to Andre Braugher. You are Captain Holt and I can’t picture anyone else delivering your lines or bringing this character to life.


2. Assembly of the worst people ever.

The Vulture, Madeline Wuntch, and Jason Stentley. They are the worst of the worst and I love seeing them teaming up with our family at the Nine-Nine. If you’re going to take down scum like John Kelly then you’re going to need scum on your side. The Vulture is the sexist asshole who wants to continue living his Jersey Shore/Instagram life. Wuntch hates John Kelly because he’s in a position she totally wants. And Stentley…well, I don’t think he had anything better to do. Together they form the ultimate team of confusion, anger, sticky hands, and sly detective work.


3. Acknowledgement that #Peraltiago thirst is real & seen.

If there’s something that we want as Nine-Nine and Peraltiago fans it’s more coupley Amy Santiago and Jake Peralta. And the writers have been listening! I feel like this moment was a subtle nod that they pay attention to what we are concerned about and what we’d like to see more of next season. Also, this moment gave me perspective. I am getting the Peraltiago I’ve wanted this season. Sure, they might have not been smooching all the time, but they’re there for each other. They’re partners, work mates, and friends who live together but have more in their life than each other. And I’m kind of totally here for it!


4. The Holt shade when it comes to Wuntch.

Nothing, in the history of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, compares to the savage throw-downs that Captain Holt has when it comes to Wuntch. She is one of the few things that make his calm demeanor crumble and I love it. It shows how human Holt is and how safe he feels around his found family that he doesn’t care to call her out for the withered old corpse she is. See, Holt is rubbing off on me. The actress, Kyra Sedgwick, seems like a lovely person. But she’ll always be Wuntch, the pain the ass of Captain Raymond Holt.


5. Jason Stentley being Jason Stentley.

I know this is going to sound savage but Jason Stentley has the intelligence and emotional range of understanding anything to the same degree a tres leches cake would. Wait…maybe that’s giving him too much credit cuz tres leches is delicious. Let’s just say that Stentley is as dumb as a rock but somehow so entertaining. Also, he’s a clear call out to the white male who does everything wrong or nothing at all to get to the powerful position he’s in now.


6. Jake being proud of himself.

I’m absolutely here for people being proud of themselves and the careful planning they put into solving a mystery or getting shit done. I’m even more here for it if there’s no awkward boasting or bragging that comes off as conceited. Jake is proud of what he did, the planning that went into taking John Kelly down, and the look on Holt’s face when he realized what his detective had done to make the mission a success. *wipes tear from eye* I love this found family!


7. Rosa and Amy working together to help Terry stay at the Nine-Nine!

Setting aside the fact that this gif is a perfect reaction to a whole slew of things, I’m super proud of Rosa and Amy. Sure, they got Terry to talk someone into following their dream. And sure, it was discovered that that someone had the singing talent of a wailing cat and he was never going to make it to Broadway. But Rosa and Amy put their brains together because they love Terry so much and don’t want him to disappear to Staten Island. I’ve never been there but I’m going to assume it’s the worst and that Rosa and Amy were doing God’s work saving him from it all.


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