‘Game of Thrones’ 8×05 Roundtable: “The Bells”

Oh, Game of Thrones. How I wish you were anything but what you are. Or, at least, how I wish you’d chosen another path instead of this one.

Let’s call this the roundtable of disappointment. Last week we were angry, now we’re just sad to see what one of our favorite shows has become. And, of course, we have words about it. Many, many words.

Joining me this week are Jasmine, Gillian, Michelle, McKenzie, Ashley and Raquel as we discuss the bad, the bad and the ugly of “The Bells.”

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate “The Bells”? What was your favorite scene of the episode? Your least favorite? Explain.

Lizzie: Visually, this episode was a 10. Writing wise, I don’t even think this episode gets a 3. Can I say 1? Absolutely nothing worked, from Daenery’s “Mad Queen” turn to Jaime’s whole everything, without even going into the fact that Drogon is apparently now able to avoid the freaking Scorpions Rhaegal couldn’t last episode, and Euron who had a plot armor in the first few episodes died so easily, proclaiming he’d killed Jaime, WHICH HE DIDN’T EVE DO, to Tyrion and Jon the dumbest men in the Seven Kingdoms, and so on. All of this isn’t truly on the episode, but on the setup, but since it all came to head in this episode, I have to blame it on this one.

My favorite scene, if you can even have one in an episode such as this, was basically Arya and only Arya, and my least favorite was that ending for Jaime. Because UGH.

Jasmine: I’m going to rate this episode as a 10.  There were so many beautiful shots and the acting was amazing. The episode was intense and kept my attention the whole way through. My favorite moment was when Dany destroyed Eurons fleet because he had it coming. My least favorite scene was when Dany let her anger completely take over and she began burning up the entire city. The bell rang to signal surrender and yet she continued to attack. She killed innocents and didn’t even seem concerned about her own people on the ground fighting for her.

Gillian: I think a 5. It was mostly boring in my opinion. I don’t think I have a favorite scene. My least favorite was probably Cersei’s death and Jaime and Euron’s fight. These past few episodes have been really dragging. I’m okay with things not going the way I imagined but when they can’t even get me excited to see Cersei die because a bunch of rocks did her in, there’s a problem.

Michelle: Short answer: 3. This is a difficult question to answer. I agree with Jasmine and that the cinematography and visual logistics of this episode was wonderful. But from a story structure component, for this season and overall for this series? I didn’t like it. My favorite scene of the episode? Is it okay to say that I didn’t have one? But I will choose any scene with Arya. Least favorite? Jaime and Cersei’s final scene. More on that later.

McKenzie: I will give it a 4. That is mostly for the cinematography and visuals, not the writing.  I just feel let down by this episode. It’s that fun saying, I’m not mad just disappointed. The writing overall I feel like didn’t even fit our characters. I need more backstory if you are trying to portray someone as a Mad Queen. You can’t go from 0 to 100 in two episodes. it just doesn’t work for me.  Also, Cersei’s death left a lot to be desired. A building fell on her. That’s it. This episode was a mess when it came to the writing.

Ashley: This is a hard 1/10 from me. I am such a cinematography and music nerd and I can’t even find it in myself to enjoy those parts of the show because of the trainwreck-of-hot-garbage-crashing-into-a-dumpster-fire that was the writing for this episode. If I had to choose a favorite scene, I’ll choose the perhaps unintentional homage to Blade Runner with Martha’s toy horse and then Arya riding away on a white horse. As far as least favorite part of the episode? 100% Jaime going back to Cersei. Completely out of character. Complete and utter disregard for any and all character development that has ever occurred in the series, forget about the blatant disregard for any book canon. This is unacceptable. They have one shot to fix this. Get it right.

Raquel: If I only focus on the visual aspect of the episode, forgetting about the argument (or the lack thereof)  behind the episode, I would give it a grade of 8 because, of course, it is tremendously visual and, if we forget that they have  wrecked great characters, the content of the episode is brutal and painful. Both signs of the identity of this show.

However, I can’t forget the plot itself of the episode and what it means for the characters. For me, the visual doesn’t mean anything without the history that makes it possible. In that sense, this episode for me is a big 0. They have destroyed characters and have minimized others without any reason for it. That’s why my least favorite scene is that of Dany  burning King’s Landing after the bells rang. That scene was the end of the Dany’s character – also Grey Worm – and there was no honor or glory in something like that.

Of the few scenes that I liked and, therefore, my favorite scene is that “thank you” that Arya tells Sandor. In that gratitude, they have included so many things … I love the relationship they have. And I also loved seeing Cersei so desperate and scared, so vulnerable, knowing she was defeated.

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Daenerys went full Mad Queen, and burned King’s Landing to the ground, which we all sorta saw coming after last episode. Despite the fact that we did, though, do you think it was set up properly? Did the show prioritize shock over character with this move? What do you foresee happening to her in the final episode?

Lizzie: I’m gonna be honest, if there’s setup for this turn for Daenerys, it’s all in the books and the show has done a shit job of translating that. Part of it feels deliberate, like they wanted to shock us, and part of it is also likely bad writing. There was a decision made to make her “snap” when she’d basically already won, and also to avoid presenting us HER POV so we would only see her madness from the POV of others, which is truly disrespectful to a character we’ve been following for eight seasons. So, I think the whole thing was absolutely bungled, and I’m not even a Dany stan, I cannot imagine how the people who are feel.

And the worst part is that they set it up in a way where she has to go down. She just has to. And Jon will likely be the one to do it, and then he’ll have to ZOMG LEAVE TO A LONELY EXISTENCE BECAUSE HE KILLED THE QUEEN AND ZOMG THE SHAME and none of it makes one iota of sense, I swear. I almost wish they’d let Arya kill her, but they won’t, because a woman cannot get all the wins, no way.

Jasmine: I do think it was set up properly. I don’t necessarily think shock was prioritized over character. When I think about all of the past seasons and Daenerys development, there were slight glimpses into the fact she could possibly go Mad Queen. I will say this though, in the time when she did use her power it was to destroy her enemies, and never the innocent. Seeing her kill innocent people in this episode was definitely shocking. I truly hoped she would just go after her enemies and leave it at that. Let’s face it, a lot of shit got done to Dany over time, so Missandei getting killed was her breaking point. A person can only take so much before they snap, and boy did Dany snap! In the final episode, sad as it is to say I think Dany will die. Jon or Arya will probably end up killing her.

Gillian: I think the groundwork was definitely laid in previous seasons but it has not been addressed properly in this short season. She was still reeling from Jon’s reveal and Jorah’s death and neither was delved into deeply. Add that to Missandrei’s death, I understand being fueled by rage but it wasn’t treated with the care it deserved. The writers did prioritize shock over character and it’s extremely unfortunate. I see her dying, hopefully by Arya’s hand.

Michelle: I don’t think that Dany’s character needed to become a Mad King, or have similar tendencies. I don’t appreciate that the showrunners ruined all of the tenacity and determination of Dany’s character just to be torn down so quickly. I don’t understand the thought process behind those decisions (I do, but I won’t voice them here) and it tainted Dany’s storytelling. At this point, I don’t have much excitement about what happens to her character anymore. I feel that these past two episodes just extinguished my awe of her character and what she stood for. Her character, and her story, weren’t shown the due diligence and respect that one deserves of a woman working hard to obtain her goals, hopes, and dreams.

McKenzie: First, I LOVE Dany. So it’s a lot to put my thoughts into words properly and not let the rage take over. I have not read any of the books, and I hear this makes more sense with book Dany. I feel like we just jumped from grief to Mad Queen in two episodes. No, it doesn’t work that way. If this is the way Dany was always supposed to be headed they did a horrible job portraying it.  I need more backstory, especially finding out that HBO wanted more episodes this season. David and Dan did not do it justice, and her turning into a Mad Queen should have been set at least at the beginning of season 7. At this rate I don’t know what to expect for the series finale. More of a disaster?

Ashley: You definitely had some set up in the series, but I think they did themselves a real disservice by choosing to focus on Jon, who frankly has about 2 facials expressions, instead of Dany as she goes Pyro Barbie on King’s Landing. There are seeds for Targaryen madness sprinkled into her arc over the last 2 seasons, but I think they could’ve done a better job of illustrating it. Everything done in this episode is 100% for shock value and completely ignores any character development that has occurred previously. As for the final episode, I think Jon’s conscience will not allow him to stand by any longer. I think he’s going to off her. If he won’t, Arya will.

Raquel: No, I don’t think that Dany’s turn was properly developed. They simply destroyed her character, a character who came to liberate the world from tyranny, to do justice for her people and to give them a choice (a choice that none of the kings they have had until now been concerned about giving them), into what she swore to defeat and not to become: a tyrant. A tyrant capable of burning innocent people simply for the sake of doing it and trying to feel better about it. Like her father, like Robert, like Cersei. And everything so that, of course, a man is the ideal option to become a King (insert a blank eye emoji here).

I agree that they have prioritized shock over the development of the character.  And, if that were not enough, being a relative shock since it is something that after the previous episode, was predictable. It is true that Dany made certain decisions that could have given clues, but not enough. Dany’s good deeds, her good intentions and the good she has done far outweigh those decisions … that could only have been left as a sign that a Targeryen can be cruel but Dany makes the difference.  Contrary to what they have made these decisions mean: quite the contrary.

I think Dany’s future is not flattering. Everyone hates her now. Even Jon, he will feel betrayed, because he really believed in her. I think it will be Jon who will end Dany’s life.

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Jaime Lannister died in Cersei’s arms, just as the show started. How do you feel about this? Does it jibe with the character he’s been for the last 5+ seasons? Choose an alternate ending for him: which is it?

Lizzie: Angry. So, so angry. And so sad, too, like this thing I saw grow and flourish was ripped away from me by bad freaking writing. Because though this ending jibes more with the character the show set up than the one the books set up, but the problem is they’ve been inconsistent with his arc, and they showed him making a clean break from Cersei. What was the point of every scene with Brienne, of that episode 1 scene with Bran? What was the point of him learning that Bronn had been sent to kill him? What was the point of anything? Meant to die with Cersei my ass. Jaime was meant to live with Brienne so they could re-populate the island of Tarth, and that’s forever how I’ll imagine his story ending.

Jasmine: I was so mad he died with Cersei! Unfortunately yes, it does jibe with his character. Jamie has never faltered in his loyalty to Cersei. Even if he “betrayed” her he would always go back and tell her what he did. He loved Cersei, and it’s understandable because he wasn’t just her lover, he was her brother and the sibling bond is ultimately and undying one. I guess in a way it was fitting for him to be with her in that moment. I mean they are twins, being a twin myself, I can understand the need to be there for each other. The twin bond is a strong one so he was right where he should have been. As far as an alternate ending, I honestly don’t have one because I always suspected he would die even though I didn’t want him to.

Gillian: I hated it. I kind of understand what they tried to do but it was extremely unsatisfying. Like the fact that Jaime was killed by Euron!? Why? Why did we have to give him that? I wasn’t sure how I thought Jaime would die but it definitely was not helped by Euron! And then for him to go back to Cersei after everything she put him through, ugh. Jaime changed for the better and the writers threw all of that away! I’m not saying he deserved a hero’s ending but he deserved better than all this. I always expected him to die but I guess it would have been in battle with Brienne by his side.

Michelle: I hated everything that happened for Jaime. It felt like he was moving forward and growing to become this person. There was a whole scene with Bran about his growth and how he wouldn’t be where he is now without all of his actions. And now? It felt like a huge slap in the face for his character arc. I can be an adult and see the other side. A big theme for him was that he justified his actions for love. But does his love for Cersei and her actions go above everything else? Maybe. But I don’t have to be happy about it.

McKenzie: What was the point of his whole character arc? What was the whole point with Brienne and Bran? I seriously don’t understand. I agree so much with Lizzie. He redeemed himself so well and he finally realized what Cersei was and just went back to her? No. they did Jaime dirty. He deserves better.

Ashley: Pull up a chair, friends because we’re going to be here all night. This is the thing that drove me utterly bananas about this episode. I’ve been seething all week. Aside from me being upset in my shipper feels about Jaime and Brienne, I’m absolutely livid about D&D pushing Jaime’s character arc out the window like so many Bran Starks. Why would George bother with an inverted Beauty and the Beast arc if he’s not going to do anything with it? Why have Jaime say, “I don’t really care about innocents,” when THAT IS LITERALLY WHY HE IS THE KINGSLAYER?!?!!! Why bother spending an entire scene where Jaime gazes longingly at the island of Tarth? Why bother having Jaime come to Winterfell to fight for the living, apologize to Bran, and risk his life against the White Walkers for NOTHING? Why write IN YOUR OWN SCRIPT at the end of season 7 that “Jaime rides away, NEVER TO RETURN”? It makes zero narrative sense whatsoever. There is absolutely no excuse for this shoddy treatment of a near decade’s worth of solid storytelling. I also have very real problems with D&D describing Cersei as an addiction, when she has emotionally, and I would even argue sexually, abused Jaime his entire life. The man isn’t addicted. He’s abused. They instead had an abuse victim returning to the hands of his abuser because that’s “real love.” That is vile.

As for me, I need receipts. I need to see a body before I believe Jaime’s actually dead. I know I probably won’t get them, but still. This is probably the most heartbreaking thing for me about the entire show–Jaime’s botched redemption arc.

Alternate ending? If he must leave Brienne’s side to go to King’s Landing, he goes to take Cersei out himself. Jaime feels he must do this to make retribution for his role in spreading the “disease” that is Cersei, to borrow the term Olenna Tyrell uses to describe Cersei in her final scene. Brienne rides out and stops him, refusing to let her love risk his life on a fool’s errand. Jaime insists, so they go together, but by the time they get there, Arya’s already crossed Cersei off her list. Jaime mourns for Cersei as his twin, but not as his lover. She was never really pregnant anyway. Cersei’s in menopause and Qyburn is World’s Worst OB. Sansa releases Brienne from her vow of protection in gratitude for her faithful service because she recognizes the role Brienne has to offer the Seven Kingdoms as the only heir to Tarth. Jaime marries Brienne and they go back to Tarth, repopulating Westeros with tall, beautiful, blond warrior children. They are all freckled and have blue and green eyes. Podrick is the Godfather. Jaime is happy. Brienne is happy. Team OathFamily Complete.

Raquel: I feel horribly wrong. I think Jaime is another character that has been destroyed in this episode. All his change, all his development, all his redemption … reduced to ashes next to King’s Landing.

This ending would have made sense in the Jaime of the first seasons, not now. This Jaime has changed and has seen Cersei as what she is: a monster. And in him a real love has been born for another person (Brienne). This Jaime would never have died in Cersei’s arms and would have prioritized her life above all and would not have said those last words, “we are together, nothing else matters,” as if they were two lovers madly in love facing a tragic destiny but happy to face it together.

No, none of that. That “love” is sickly. It was never really love, to call it that is an insult to love itself. Let them die as if their relationship were a great love, as if Cersei were not horrible … I just want to vomit just thinking about it.

And Brienne … she doesn’t deserve something like that. She doesn’t deserve Jaime speaking to Cersei as if she were the only important thing for him and Brienne was … nothing in his life. Horrible. And it contradicts everything we’ve seen about Jamie for a few seasons.

Apart from that, it doesn’t even make sense with the foundations of the character of Cersei, given that her prophecy said it would be the “younger brother” who would end her, not some stones when the Red Fortress collapsed. The writers have forgotten even their own history (and that of the author of the saga).

My alternative ending (and the real end in my head) for the character would have been for Jaime to go to the King’s Landing to kill Cersei and then fight to save the city with Brienne. And if he had to die – even if in my version he did not – He would have been together with his true love (Brienne) and fighting to save the city and the innocent lives of those who live there.

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Cersei’s plans came crashing down very quickly. Did it feel anticlimactic? Would you have chosen a different end for her?

Lizzie: Total and complete BS. She didn’t have a backup plan? Her entire thing was wait for Euron to get a lucky shot? Are you for freaking real? This isn’t even the same Cersei we’ve followed all this while. And also, they criminally underused Lena Headey, who is a tremendous actress and deserved better. Hell, I’d almost rather she would have gotten burned by Drogon than go out like she did. Anything would have been better.

Jasmine: Watching things fall apart for Cersei was enjoyable to watch (horrible I know), but that bitch had it coming. If anything was anticlimactic, it was her death. I really wanted more, I thought she’d die by someone’s hand like Arya, but no. I actually talked to my mom about this and she said Cersei died by Daenerys’s hand, because she was the one destroying the city. I see her logic on this, but it still feels like we got cheated.

Gillian: JUSTICE FOR LENA HEADEY. Despite hating Cersei for pretty much the entire series, Lena Headey’s performance was award-worthy and the fact that she was given absolutely nothing to do this season makes me rage. And to be the epitome of “Rocks fall, everyone dies”, more anger. I expected her die by Jaime’s hand (or Arya wearing Jaime’s face). To have rubble take out one of the most evil characters on the show was appalling. She deserved to go out with just as much fanfare as the Night King.

Michelle: I cannot believe that everything Cersei has worked for and sacrificed, that it was going to end in such a manner. Cersei’s character was very strong from the beginning of the series. I cannot accept that past the midpoint of her character’s story, and beyond the resurrection into becoming the Queen, that all was for naught in this way! If beating Cersei was so simple, and that all it took was crazy dragon fire, why wasn’t it done any sooner? I needed the emotional turmoil of Lannister versus Lannister. That’s where the story was bringing us to. Every conversation with Tyrion and Jaime should have lead to that point. And we  got none of that.

McKenzie: Disappointment is not enough of a word to describe Cersei’s death.  A building fell on top of her. This was not a satisfying ending at all. I needed her death to be painful and gut wrenching. This is Game of Thrones is it not? What kind of death was that? It was way to simple. Lena Headey is a fantastic actress, and I needed more.

Ashley: Of all the big bads on this show, this was the most anticlimactic death. My preferred death for Cersei was one where she dies as the direct result of her own narcissistic choices and she recognized that she had no one to blame but herself. That didn’t happen. Lame.

Raquel: Yes, it was somewhat anticlimactic that the only thing Cersei did was drink wine while she trusted Euron, together with the Gold Company, to kill the dragons and win the war. It doesn’t seem like her to entrust everything to others and not have a plan B. A Machiavellian and cruel plan B, in case everything else fails.

And her death is one of the dumbest in the history of television. Such a big villain should have had an end to match. In fact, her ending was written and predicted by a prophecy. It would be the “younger brother” who killed her. They could have done so many things with that … make it Jamie who did it, instead of Tyrion as Cersei always thought, it would have been poetic and perfect for both characters;  It could also have been Arya, the “younger sister” and who had Cersei on her list for so many years … they could have done so many things … but, of course, they decided to kill her due to the collapse of the Red Keep, forgetting even the true story of the character.

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The Hound gave Arya a little pep talk when they got to the Red Keep, one that basically amounted to go live, and Arya took that advice. Does this feel right? Where do you think Arya goes next?

Lizzie: This was the thing that worked better in the episode, and it was still sorta rushed. Couldn’t he have tried his pep talk before? Who is he for Arya to listen to? They haven’t seen each other in a couple of seasons. And is Arya really just not going to go back home and we didn’t even get a goodbye with her sister or brother? Eh, ooookay.

Jasmine: I really thought Arya wouldn’t take his advice and was going to stick around the Red Keep to do what she set out to. Does it feel right? Yes, and no. Yes, because I think Arya thought about her family and realized she needed to be around for what would be coming next. I think she realized everyone including Cersei was going to die because the city was falling apart. Rather than risk her life, she thought it was better to just leave. I say no as well, because part of me still wanted her to be able to get to Cersei!! I think Arya might be the one to kill Daenerys. She witnessed so much carnage on the ground with all the innocents and she almost died herself. I truly believe it could come down to a showdown between her Dany and Jon.

Gillian: I think Arya considers herself a protector of her family and the innocent. While she was on a mission of revenge, I think she knows that she is needed to protect those who cannot. She still fought for her life in the Red Keep, instead of immediately running away so it did feel right. I’m really hoping for her to kill Dany at this point. It sucks that she didn’t get to take care of her list properly but I’m expecting some more badass moments from her in the finale.

Michelle: I think that we all forget how young Arya is supposed to be in this world. Despite everything that she has done, and everything that she has lost, there are still things that she is new to. The Hound is someone that she clearly saw as an equal or as someone of value. And while maybe the scene didn’t truly relay what was meant on an emotional level, revenge is something that Arya has known since she was young. It has fueled her drive for a long, long time. Arya’s departure wasn’t a quick escape, and she still stayed true to her character. She protected those who could not, and that has always been a constant theme for her. I hope that Arya finds Jon to help remind him of family.

McKenzie: This was the one redeeming part of the episode.  Arya doesn’t deserve to have a life built on revenge. I know it has kept her going the last couple of years but she needs to remember how to live.  Arya and the Hound have a very unique relationship and you could see how much he cares for her. He cared enough to not let her become him. However, where did that white horse come from?!?

Ashley: I actually liked this part of the episode, though it did bum me out slightly because I knew immediately that meant that Arya wouldn’t be the one to off Cersei. I think Arya’s focus is now going to be justice instead of vengeance. There’s a reason we got much of the desolation of Dany and Drogon from Arya’s perspective. She saw firsthand what Dany did AFTER the surrender. Arya has seen far too much injustice in her life to allow this to go unpunished.

Raquel: I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it does not seem credible to me that Arya abandons her oath of years about killing Cersei so easily and quickly, with little resistance to it. It doesn’t look like Arya, the same Arya that killed Walter Frey or the Night King. An Arya who recited her list every night.

On the other hand, it does make sense that Arya has realized that blood and death only leads to more blood and death and that she deserves to have another life than that, that she wants to have another life than that. It also makes sense that she has realized everything Sandor has done for her, and the opportunity he is giving her now, as an opportunity to not make the same mistakes he made … and Arya wanted to honor that and, indeed, not make those same mistakes, taking the hand and the opportunity offered by Sandor.

Despite this, I still think that Arya’s destiny is not to be a lady, it never has been. So I think she will do well to protect the North or to roam the roads, like the Brotherhood, helping who needs to be helped.

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Jon’s face as Daenerys burned King’s Landing to the ground said it all. He promised Dany she would always be his Queen, and the Starks are known for keeping their promises. Does he? How does this story end for Jon?

Lizzie: Nah, he won’t. He’ll be the one to kill her and then he’ll go brood north of the non-existent wall or something because ZOMG HE HAD TO KILL THE WOMAN HE LOVED AND ALSO HIS AUNT AND ZOMG MAINPAIN.

I joke a bit, but the fact is Jon is a much more interesting character in the books and the show has made him so vanilla and boring and it’s just hard to feel as much empathy for him as you feel reading the books.

Jasmine: I don’t know man, Jon may be going back on his promise now. He was in literal shock. I think more so because people namely his family kept warning him about her and he didn’t listen. Jon swore his loyalty to Dany ,but he already broke it when he told Sansa and Arya about his true family background. Also, Jon ain’t no Stark anymore so…. He could easily say, I made that promise when I was a Stark, and I’m not a Stark so there is no promise. I think Jon might die (again) Daenerys ,may kill him and that might be what sets Arya off.

Gillian: I honestly don’t care about Jon anymore. This season has turn me to loathing his character because of his stupidity. I hope he’ll turn against Dany but who knows? His penis might win out! Ugh. I have always thought he would die but at this point, I don’t know who’ll do it. Will he die trying to protect Dany from Arya? Will Dany kill him? I’m just so over all this right now.

Michelle: Another character wronged by the writers. He learned so much from his Ed Stark, his family, his experiences that I cannot believe he has blindly followed for love. Even with Ygritte he had a moral compass! And now? Ugh, no.

McKenzie: I don’t know, this may be the one time Jon actually breaks a promise.  He might be Rhaegar’s son but he is a Stark all the way through. I don’t seem him standing by for what Dany did. That goes against everything that he stands for and believes in.

Ashley: I think Jon is going to be faced with the same choice Jaime Lannister had to make when killing Aerys–save the innocents or let another mad ruler sit on the remains of the Iron Throne. The difference here is that Jon has made his choice too late. Jon could have saved King’s Landing. He is Jaime the Less.

Raquel: After what Jon has seen, I don’t think he keeps his word to consider Dany his queen. I think he will try everything. He will try to talk to her, try to understand why she did that and check if she feels any remorse about it. When Jon finds that she doesn’t regret or feel guilty about anything, he will make the decision to sacrifice his word (and the love he feels for her) for the good of all, killing Dany. After all, that’s why they’ve destroyed Dany’s character, so that Jon is the only option and he has to kill her … and so he can be king.

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Who was your MVP of the episode? Explain.

Lizzie: The Game of Thrones fandom, for surviving such crap.

Jasmine: Giving it to The Hound. He made sure to protect Arya like he had done in the past by sending her away.  This moment showed he really did care about her and he knew he wouldn’t make it out. I think he suspected if she did go with him, she would have tried to help him fight The mountain. He didn’t want her to risk her life for him. He then went and bravely stood up to The mountain. The most courageous moment was when he sacrificed himself alongside The mountain. He couldn’t let his brother live and he saw no other way because nothing else was strong enough to stop him.

Gillian: No one? I was so bored with everyone this episode and didn’t think anyone did anything particularly interesting or worthy of praise.

Michelle: I didn’t think anyone stood out above the others. I didn’t agree with this episode so there aren’t many scenes from this episode that I would highlight. It wasn’t a memorable episode and one of my least favorites.

McKenzie: No one character wise. My MVP’s got to Emilia Clarke and Lena Headey. They are fantastic actresses and were so great.  

Ashley: I’m with Lizzie–every Game of Thrones fan who had to suffer through this horrifically bad episode.

Raquel: Arya Stark. Always true to herself and trying to help everyone, even at the cost of her own life. Her heart, her compassion and her courage are just three of the things that make her so wonderful. I love her!

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With all the setup done, share your theories about how this story ends.

Lizzie: Jon kills Daenerys, for sure. Arya goes off the explore the world, or something. Sansa rules the North. A council of men take over Westeros, and the Iron Throne is no more.

Jasmine: Jon is going to go after Dany to try and stop her. He will probably get killed and Arya will avenge him. Sansa gets the seat on the Iron throne. The end.

Gillian: Arya kills Dany. Tyrion dies somehow. Sansa gets the Throne. And I don’t know what’s going to happen to Bran. So far, they’ve done the bare minimum of what I’ve expected and screwed up everything else. It is way too unpredictable at the moment because the writers clearly do not care anymore about giving the story a decent ending.

Michelle: No one gets the throne. I think that Tyrion will die by Dany’s hand or order. I think that Jon will have to make a decision, but because he doesn’t have the heart to do it, Arya will. Sansa will lead the North. Arya will go back out through the world and travel. Jon will either form a version of the Night’s Watch, and Bran will live with Jon.

I don’t know much about the storyline anymore. At this point, everything is up in the air. But I will stand by my original theory that Sansa will sit on a throne.

McKenzie: Everyone dies and I can pretend this season didn’t happen. I will go live in my happy fanfiction world ,the way I want it.  No, but seriously there will be no more Iron Throne. I don’t know who will survive or how Westeros will be ruled, but I can’t see how there will be an Iron Throne after this.

Ashley: HA! D&D have decided to make a bonfire with all the previous scripts for the series, so it’s anyone’s guess about what will actually happen. Prophecies have been ignored–Azor AWHO? Maggie the Frog was just lying through her teeth? No younger, more beautiful queen because Cersei was technically taken out by Drogon, wildfire, and a castle? This episode was the biggest middle finger to anyone who dared to look at the show with more than a cursory glance. At this point, there’s no real telling what these clowns will decide to do. I am never the person who ignores canon just because I don’t like it. I try to look at the story as a whole. But this? This better all be a Bran Vision. That’s the only way this nightmare gets fixed. I never thought I’d wish for a Lost ending to what was my favorite show, but this is the only solution I can think of. It’s the only logical explanation for why every single person minus the Cleganes was out of character. But if this is how they want to end the show, I hope they pull Star Wars from D&D. I don’t want them to destroy something else I love.

Raquel: After this episode, unfortunately, I don’t think they will do justice to any character and their development. So I think Jon will kill Dany, Drogon, the last dragon, either will stay with Jon or he will disappear. Arya will be guardian of the North or will continue with the mission of the Brotherhood.

For the Iron Throne I have two options:

– The King is Jon and Sansa is the Lady of Winterfell.

– The Queen is Sansa and Jon goes beyond the Wall, to meet Tormund, the free people and Ghost (hence Tormund’s last comment when saying goodbye to Jon).

As for Bran, I think he will spend his days in Winterfell, being The Three-Eyed Raven. And Tyrion will die by Dany’s order, in one of her last acts as queen.

Agree? Disagree? Share with us in the comments below!

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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