‘Doctor Who’ 12×05: “Fugitive of the Judoon”

Doctor Who‘s “Fugitive of the Judoon” flipped the script, tore it up, and threw it out the window in an episode that left us not with one female Doctor but two! We also saw the iconic return of Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman, in a hilarious sequence of events before finally experiencing some of the Doctors grief at the loss of her home…again.

Two Female Doctors?

Previous Doctor Who creators who said there never would be a female Doctor probably feel like fools now that we’ve got two of them. And honestly, I’m living for it. For too long we have fought to see the representation we want to see on Doctor Who. And here we have our fav show delivering diversity all around.

The inclusion of this new Doctor means that somewhere out there, in a time our blonde Doctor can’t remember, there is a version of herself that is a middle aged black woman. Just take that all in and know that the sexist racists who think the Doctor can only be a white man, are rolling in their mothers basements as they scream on the internet.

Doctor Ruth, which is what I’m going to call her, was complex, interesting AF, and a mystery I can’t wait for the Doctors to crack together. Weirder things have happened on Doctor Who and I’ve got no doubt (or hope that it happens) that Ruth Doctor will be back in some capacity. It’s too much of a loose end.

And when it does happen she’ll be welcomed with open arms!

We Know Who the Doctor Is

Good on Yaz, Graham, and Ryan for having the Doctors back even when she was pushing them all away. It wasn’t her trying to do it in a malicious way. The Doctor was just trying to protect herself by pushing those she loves away. She loved Gallifrey and we all saw how that turned out. And in her big and beautiful brain she thinks she’s got to go at this all alone.

Thank god that Team Fam reminded her of how A) Wrong she was and B) How not alone she was. She has people that love her and want her to succeed in life, no matter how many centuries she’s lived out there in this great and expansive universe. She has companions. She has family. And they have her back through thick and thin.

This is what I love most about Doctor Who: the unlikely families that form in the face of monstrous creatures like the Daleks or the destruction of iconic worlds like Gallifrey. Love survives and thrives in the face of tragedy and we are reminded of how strong we are as individuals and how unstoppable we are as a family.

That’s what Doctor Who is. A family. And we’re all part of it.

The Return of Jack Harkness

As soon I saw Jack Harkness…well, my heart stopped. I’ve missed John Barrowman and the goofy cheesiness that he brings to Doctor Who. Also miss those very thorough kisses. Which, I loved that Graham wasn’t disgusted by it. He was basically just like, “Yeah…I’m not the Doctor but thanks???”

For those few and far in between that don’t know who Jack Harkness is, he’s a time travel who used to hang out with the Doctor and had his own division of alien fighting badasses in Torchwood, also a TV show off his own titled the same. He was brought back to life by Rose Tyler (an old but much loved companion of the Doctors) and he’s been hopping through time, an anomaly himself, saving lives and having a good time.

I won’t lie though, I loved seeing him but feel kind of robbed that he didn’t get to interact with Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor. It was prime material that I was waiting for at the edge of my seat. And yes, go Tardis Fam for meeting Jack and getting to flirt with goofy cheesy self, but I wanted him to meet this new blonde and badass Doctor.

Oh, well. Guess there’s still time. Especially with the Cybermen on the horizon…

Doctor Who airs Sundays at 8/7c on BBC America.

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