‘Schitt’s Creek’ 6×05 Review: “The Premiere”

Between Patrick’s wisdom teeth being pulled and the premiere, this week’s episode of Schitt’s Creek titled “The Premiere” is one of the funniest of the entire series.

The writers are doing a brilliant job this season of giving fans exactly what they want during for the final episodes of the series – plenty of David and Patrick sweetness, Rose family shenanigans and the residents of Schitt’s Creek just being themselves.

Adorable Patrick is Adorable

We could have watched an entire episode of Patrick high on meds after his wisdom teeth came out. He was so loving and sweet to David, not that he usually isn’t, but this was over the top in its cuteness. And the expression on David’s face when Patrick brings up having a baby and wants them to imagine one while they are snuggling – absolutely priceless.

On any other show one would predict that this would be the launch of a hugely dramatic plot line – will the couple break up because one wants kids and the other doesn’t? Is the wedding going to be called off? Nope, not on Schitt’s Creek.

Because David and Patrick talk about it, like an actual couple. They communicate and solve their problems and worries. And even without the drama, it made for excellent television (take note, other show writers, characters can talk things out like adults and still be interesting).

Maybe they will explore the topic more in upcoming episode, but their conversation settled things in a way that they don’t have to. And Patrick was so sincere in wanting to make sure they were okay before he went under the influence of pain meds again.

The Crows Premiere

If the ornithologists think The Crows Have Eyes III: The Crowening is a good movie, who is anyone else to disagree? And thus, the film deserves a viewing party premiere in the town of Schitt’s Creek, of course.

First of all, the tiny screen and projector being set up in the town hall compared to the red carpet outside is peak small-town living. And that red carpet was fancy for having been pulled out of a church basement.

Props to Alexis for pulling off that premiere in only a few hours after her mother gave her a short notice. Alexis gets a lot of flack for being frivolous at the beginning of the series, but she has become probably one of the most driven workers on the show. And one of the most creative when it comes to using the resources available to her.

And the crow attack on the red carpet was one of the funniest moments in television history. Moira trying to communicate with the crows, absolutely brilliant. The attack went viral on the show, and probably should outside of it. Will we watch gifs of those moments on a continual loop? Probably. Will we have any regrets? None at all.

Stevie Comes Full Circle

Our hearts broke for Stevie a little when she cleaned up her apartment and was all excited for her meeting with Johnny only to have him ask to buy her out of the business.

As we predicted might happen in last week’s review, Stevie has decided that she’s seen enough of the world and everything she wants is right in front of her. Still, we are proud of her for finally having that conversation with Johnny and willing to risk her pride.

And who could forget the look on Mr. Rose’s face when she wanted back in? He pulled the ultimate dad move most of the episode by saying he just wanted her to be happy, but in the end, he was thrilled when Stevie changed her mind.

Who thinks that we will see Roland flexing his new partnership power with Stevie in an upcoming episode? Regardless, it will be nice to have Stevie back behind her Rosebud desk. Hopefully she still finds a way to stretch her wings a bit and try new experiences, regardless of where she works.

In the meantime, can we get a copy of Johnny’s book, too?

Schitt’s Creek airs 9 p.m. Tuesdays on PopTV.

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