‘Schitt’s Creek’ Episode 6×04 Review: ‘Maid of Honour’

This week’s episode of Schitt’s Creek, titled “Maid of Honour,” had the wedding planning in full swing!

While we wait for the big day, we get to watch our favorite organizers – David, Patrick, Stevie and Alexis in action. We also got a delightful first glimpse of The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening and also the business partnership between Roland and Johnny kicked off.

The relationships on this show are what makes it great, and this week we got to see plenty of friendships in action.

The Wedding Countdown

“I wish I could marry you now, but I want the pageantry that takes weeks to plan.” David’s thoughts about his wedding with Patrick reflect our sentiments exactly. We want our favorite couple to be married already. But the planning is already so entertaining, and their wedding is sure to be a spectacular affair.

How adorable is it that Patrick is just letting David plan everything for the big day and seems to happily go along with his whims? And Patrick looked mighty handsome in that suit.

Maids of Honour


Alexis’ drive to become the maid of honour and do all the duties required was hilarious. While she is David’s sister, Stevie is also his best friend.

Can we just say that Alexis and Stevie are friendship goals when they work together at the end to share the role? Alexis does the right thing and supports Stevie instead of taking over.

And really, I think Stevie is the better option for David because Alexis would just go over the top in the planning based on her own history and preferences, instead of doing an even that would make her brother happy. Whereas Stevie, rightly so, said she was going to plan the party by asking David what he wanted.

Stevie’s laid back attitude and flexibility combined with Alexis’ flair for the dramatic will make for an exciting bachelor party. And by gracefully stepping back, Alexis showed just how much honor she really has, even without the title.

Stake-out Pros

We knew that Roland and Johnny as business partners would be comedy gold, but them going on a stakeout together the first week into the arrangement was more than we could ever hope for. Roland loving the generic snacks when Johnny wanted to replace them with name brand will probably be a trend to continue as they open their new hotel.

And the scene where they finally talk to the “squatter” and they each kept blurting out incriminating information was enough to make anyone ROFL.

The Crowening


Moira’s trailer came out, and of course, she watched it a million times and demanded everyone make positive comments. Can we just follow the adorable Twyla around all day and give her hugs? Her fascination with every detail of the trailer was absolutely priceless. The enthusiasm of everyone over such a D-list (or worse) movie proves that in small towns, everything is a huge deal.  

When Jocelyn wasn’t a fan, our favorite narcissistic actress was none too pleased. For a moment, there was the slim possibility that Jocelyn had more taste than what we have seen in the past, but it just turned out she hates scary movies. Can we talk for a moment about Jocelyn’s review that she wrote in the end? It was absolutely lovely, and she should do more writing. Maybe at the end of the season, Moira can act in a play written by Jocelyn.

Also, if we could get the full film version of The Crows Have Eyes III: The Crowening, that would be great.

Job Dissatisfaction


Being maid of honour was not the only job Stevie was struggling with. As predicted, working for Larry Air was not a great choice for Stevie, but we are proud of her for getting out there and trying. Her attempts to see the world would not have gotten her far with that airline.

And our girl is now discouraged, feeling like a failure and regretting her decisions. Luckily, she had Alexis there to help cheer her up (while David was unnerved over the tears). Can we get in on a group hug with Alexis and Stevie?

But this begs the question – what’s next for Stevie? Will she attempt another job to take her out of Schitt’s Creek? Will she go back to working with Johnny? The season could end two ways – either she finally spreads her wings and leaves the town, or realizes she has everything she needs right at home. We are happy to be along for the journey with her.

And here’s hoping upcoming episode feature Stevie stepping up in the role of Maid of Honour with pride and confidence.

Schitt’s Creek airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on PopTV.

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