Queerly Not Straight: Trans Representation on the ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’

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With the arrival of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, comes shipping. You have the Nabrina, Nick and Sabrina, shippers. You have the Harvey and Roz shippers. You even have the Harvey and Nick shippers. But where are my Theo and Robin shippers and why is no one talking about the beautiful moments, storytelling, and scenes that these two shared on the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? Especially considering that trans representation was killing it in Part 3 of the Netflix series!

Part of me blames homophobia. Why pay attention to the trans representation on your screen if the hetero couples are right then and there. The other half of me blames Netflix for not giving this pairing, this representation, the spotlight it needed in promo work, interviews, and more before the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 came out and after it did. Either way, we got the trans representation we’ve so desperately needed and we need to talk about it. 

First up, the ferris wheel scene. Is this going to be something gays do from here on out since Love, Simon? Because if so, and as a fellow queer, I approve! Let the trans babes of the universe have a sweet and tender moment with the person they like on a romantic spin on the ferris wheel. It’s what we deserve, the cheesy goodness that we’ve seen hetero couples get time and time again. Now it’s our turn.

Same thing goes for making out scenes between Theo and Robin that get hot and heavy. It’s the representation we deserve and the kind of queer scenes people need to see to normalize the trans experience. That’s why these intimate moments matter so much. If you’re going to give it to the hetero couple, you best give it to any other couple out there to normalize what is happening and make people realize it’s no different than any other pairing.

We deserve to see ourselves on our screens and trans men, women, and everything in between deserve to see themselves on screen as well. That’s what change looks like and that’s what inclusivity feels like, across the board. And if I can feel this in my bones, imagine a trans person seeing themselves on screen for the first time? Imagine them seeing Theo and Robin kiss or share in their intimate moments? It matters!

Inclusivity like this incites change and acceptance. It opens up the viewer to new things and experiences and makes people feel seen in the characters they love on the shows they dedicate hours of their lives to binge. And people take that change and bring out to the real world, their communities, their friendships, and more. That’s why it’s so important to recognize Theo Putnams relationship with Robin on the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

This is inclusivity.

This is positive representation.

This is trans inclusion.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is available on Netflix now.

Queerly Not Straight posts every Tuesday with opinion pieces, listicals, reviews, and more focused on the LGBT community (and occasionally about the Latinx community since I am Latinx.)

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