Schitt’s Creek Episode 6×06 Review: ‘The Wingman’

This week’s episode of Schitt’s Creek was aptly named “The Wingman,” because everyone had each other’s backs.

Whether it was for movie public relations, long-distance relationships, setting up a friend, or potential sexual experimentation – the gang was all there for each other in ways that made us love them even more.

David and Patrick’s Night Out

Jake is like that bad penny of an ex – he keeps showing up in David and Patrick’s lives. Well, maybe according to Stevie he is a good penny because she keeps going back for more.

How cute were David and Patrick both getting flustered under Jake’s flirting? And Patrick correcting his man when David refers to him as his boyfriend instead of fiance? So sweet.

It felt a little bit out of character for Patrick to want to go “have whiskey” with Jake, considering that during the episode David encouraged him to date other people he wanted nothing to do with it. But maybe he feels safe because David is going to be there with him.

David being exceptionally supportive of Patrick when he is thinking about branching out shows just how in tune these two are with each other.  And we’re not gonna lie- we are kind of glad our OTP got out of there before that party got too wild.

Hopefully, Stevie will be able to tell tales afterwards.

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Johnny the Wingman

Bob is still not over the loss of Gwen, and the mere mention of her name sends him into a fit of sobs. There could a buddy comedy of Ronnie and Bob as roommates, but we understand her desire to be rid of him and to get her own space back.

While it might not be the best idea for someone to go back in the dating field when they are still grieving their ex, Roland, Johnny and Ronnie are set on hooking Bob up with someone. Let’s be honest – who among us wouldn’t want this dream team out there trying to get us a date?

There were so many LOL moments in this part of the show, from Bob’s marriage counselor abandoning him, to nobody understanding Johnny’s “laugh at something Bob says” plan. The fact that it was Ronnie who finally was the wingman, or woman, who helped him make a connection was perfect.

That moment at the end where Roland and Johnny are both thankful that they are no longer single was sweet. It’s nice to see the two of them being friends outside of business and Johnny just being annoyed with Roland.

Alexis the PR Star

The opening bit where Moira gave Alexis credit for the film’s success gave us some feels. Even though Alexis didn’t have a mic, even sharing the screen and credit is a HUGE step for Moira.

Alexis is then faced with that age-old decision – to choose her man or her career. While Alexis has worked really hard to finally form a stable relationship with Ted, there really was no choice here. Our girl has worked even harder to go to school, earn her degree, start her own business and shine!

She was about to tell the bad news to Ted, but thankfully we were saved the awkward moment by him saying that she would hate it there and should stay in Schitt’s Creek. Our hearts break for this couple having to stay long-distance, but hopefully they will be reunited soon. We need some sweet Alexis/Ted kisses on our televisions, stat.

Let’s be honest, Ted doesn’t seem very happy down there either right now. Maybe he will come home in an upcoming episode? Fingers crossed!

So, who was the best at being a wingman in this episode – was it Bob’s dream team, Moira for Alexis or David for Patrick? For now, we will say all of the above.

Schitt’s Creek airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on PopTV.

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