Three Cast In ‘The 100’ Spinoff Backdoor Pilot

We’re anxiously awaiting the return of The 100. It’s like a good/bad thing. We’re excited to see it, but also dreading it, because we know it’s going to end.

And we don’t want it to.

But we do know that in the final season of the show, there is a back door pilot for a spinoff of The 100.

The potential new series would take place 97 years before the events of The 100. It will start at the end of the world – a nuclear apocalypse that wipes out most of the human population on Earth.

I’d kinda love to see how this would play out.

And three members of the potential spin-off were announced.

Iola Evans (Carnival Row), Adain Bradley (Riverdale) and Leo Howard (Why Women Kill) have all been cast in the backdoor pilot.

Evans will play Callie. Callie is described as, “Whip-smart and passionate with a rebellious streak to boot, Callie has spent years ignoring expectations in order to fight for the causes in which she believes. But when the apocalypse devastates the world she had been working so hard to save, Callie must find a new purpose, and future, for all that remains of humanity.”

Bradley will play Reese, Callie’s brother. Bradley is described as, ” Hard-working and headstrong, Reese has spent a lifetime in fierce competition with his beloved sister, Callie. But when the opportunity to finally prove his worth comes with an incredible cost, Reese must figure out what lines he is willing to cross to finally come out on top.”

Howard will play August. August is described as, “A Rebellious and passionate musician, August is a member of a radical environmental group dedicated to saving the planet by any means necessary. After the apocalypse, he must figure out how to go on when everything he had been fighting for is gone.”

Evans and Bradley have series-regular options if the series is picked up.

We’re excited to see how this unfolds.

Are you a fan of The 100? Do you want a spin-off?

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