‘Altered Carbon’ Season 2: 5 Spoiler-Free Reasons You Should Be Watching

UPDATE: Altered Carbon has been cancelled by Netflix.

From Takashi Kovacs being played by Anthony Mackie to the badasses of season 2 of Altered Carbon, there’s plenty to love when it comes to this show. So, sit back, relax, and join us for a spoiler free take on Altered Carbon season 2!

1. Takashi Kovacs being played by Anthony Mackie.

Altered Carbon is a unique show where anyone and everyone can play Takeshi Kovacs because he’s more of a soul that can be transferred from body to body because of the stack. Anthony Mackie, our new Kovacs, had huge shoes to fill when it came to this character because Joel Kinnaman killed it. But no worries dear readers, Mackie knocks it out the park in season 2 of Altered Carbon and gives you the Takeshi Kovacs you know and love.

2. The badass women of this show.

From Quellcrist to Danica Harlan, the women of Altered Carbon season 2 are badasses through and through. Quellcrist, even as a shadow of Kovacs memories, keeps him on the edge of his seat. And Harlan, the governor of the planet Kovacs is currently on in his quest to find Quellcrist, doesn’t take anyone’s shit, even from those higher up than her.

3. The world building that takes place.

If you loved the world building that happened in season 1 of Altered Carbon you’re going to love what happens in season 2. Like in season 1, there’s the new lingo to get used to. Combine that with the evolving nature of stacks and spinning up and you’re one step closer to understanding death in a way Meths haven’t thought about in ages.

4. The return of fan favorites.

The returns of fan favorites won’t be what you expect but they’ll be very welcome nonetheless. Plus, Kovas couldn’t run away from his past and the ghosts that haunt him even if he wanted to. We will say that the return of a certain AI is a welcome addition to the the overall team and story arc of Altered Carbon season 2. 

5. The bond between Kovacs and Quellcrist.

Lifetimes have separated Kovacs and Quellcrist. But that time apart means nothing when it means that he’s one step closer to the love of his life. And despite what everyone says, this is not obsession that drives him to find Quellcrist. It’s love and devotion of the highest caliber that can’t be forgotten, dampened, or set aside.

Altered Carbon season 2 premieres February 27th on Netflix. 

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