‘Gossip Girl’ Revival Casts It’s First Leading Role

The Gossip Girl revival has cast its first leading role.

While if you read the things I write, you know that I pretty much anti-revivals. But will I watch them? Yes. Most of the time filled with extreme hate.

But the thing about Gossip Girl, is I feel like this could finally redeem that shit show of a last season. You will never be able to convince me that Dan Humphrey was Gossip Girl.

Anyhow, who has been cast? Emily Alyn Lind (Code Black) has been cast as a lead in Gossip Girl, HBO Max’s upcoming revival of the popular series. She will play Audrey, a girl who has been in a long term relationship and wonders what else is out there.

The series, which will have 10 episodes, which take place 8 years after the Gossip Girl site went dark. The students of the Upper East Side are introduced to the social media surveillance of Gossip Girl. There isn’t much that can get past her.

The series will have a focus on how much social media and the New York landscape have changed things in the 8 years since the site went dead.

The original series made household names of Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick.

Are you excited for the reboot of Gossip Girl?

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