‘Turner & Hooch’ Casts Two Of Its Leads

Sure, I have an issue with Disney+ right now, because like don’t even get me started on the Lizzie McGuire issue.

Let Lizzie live.

Anyhow, Disney+ – in their quest for more family friendly entertainment (which I will also stand by is subjective) is rebooting Turner & Hooch. Nikita alumna Lyndsy Fonseca and Carra Patterson (The Arrangement) have been cast as the leads in the reboot, opposite Josh Peck.

Turner & Hooch has a 12 episode order from Disney+.

The series will center around Turner (played by Peck) who inherits an unruly dog. Turner may not have wanted the dog, but it may be exactly what he needs in a partner.

It’s not the only place that we’ll be seeing Lyndsy, as she was tapped to be Liv Tyler’s sister in 9-1-1 Lonestar.

Fonseca will play Laura, Turner’s sister, and the mother to a seven year old son. She’s still coming to terms with her Dad’s death and realizes that it may not have been an accident.

Patterson will play Turner’s partner, Jessica. She’s not like Turner, all straight laced and buttoned up. She’s outspoken and her sense of humor sometimes gets her in trouble. But she genuinely trusts and respects Turner. Don’t expect a romance between the two of them though – Jessica is happily married.

No word on when Turner & Hooch will start streaming on Disney+.

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