‘New Amsterdam’ 2×17: “Liftoff”

New Amsterdam has a way of changing you. You don’t know it’s happening, but it just is. They just hit you with real life and they hit you with things that could happen.

But they most of all have you so invested in their characters that you are rooting for them. You want to see the succeed, you hurt when they fail, and you cry when they leave.

But these characters give you hope and in this time of life, we all need it.

NEW AMSTERDAM — “Liftoff” Episode 217 — Pictured: (l-r) Tyler Labine as Dr. Iggy Frome, Anupam Kher as Dr. Vijay Kapoor, Ryan Eggold as Dr. Max Goodwin, Jocko Sims as Dr. Floyd Reynolds — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC)


To be honest, I love crowdfunding and I hate it. I love it because it brings things to my attention that I wouldn’t know about and that I can make a difference with. I hate it because there is guilt in me when I can’t give to everything and everyone.

New Amsterdam opened with Max in a crowdfunding video for a little girl that needed open heart surgery.

The thing about Max is that his heart is pure. He wants to make a change for everyone around him and to make a better life for everyone around him. That is part of the beauty of him.

The hospital staff is making fun of him for it, the patients all want him to be in their videos, and Max – well all Max wanted to do was make a positive change.

He’s going into his office when he’s approached by a young man, who is asking for his help. Max says that he won’t be in his crowdfunding video, but the man explains that his father needs the same surgery as the girl in the video that Max had been in.

Max has this bleeding heart, which is one of his best and his worst qualities. Why would I say his worst? Because he will constantly take it out on himself for not being able to get everything for everyone. He wants to be a better person, to make everything for everyone better, but what he misses is how he needs to be the best for himself.

Max agrees to help the kid, but his Dad is so weak he can’t say a word. And the boy knows that his Dad wouldn’t want this happening or for him to put it out on the internet.

But there is never a moment in Max’s life that he is not always trying to come up with something better, to be better, to make a change for others to know that they can do bigger and better.

Max knows that he needs to come up with something.

When the kids Dad almost dies and the kid is capturing it all on video – you can see the look in Max’s eyes that is filled with pain. Not only pain for himself, but pain for that child that is having to make these extraordinary choices that is changing everyones lives.

But this kid battled with it too. How was he supposed to help his father and not go against everything that his father would have wanted.

Max finds a way to pay it forward. That people whose lives have been saved are asking for others to help others. You’re not exploiting anyone.

Right now, in the world today, is a time that we need to help others and New Amsterdam was a reminder that we needed to feel that goodness in the world and give what we can to others. I am appreciative of being reminded that we can always make a change in the world.


I think that none of us ever thought that Floyd would leave. Floyd is a staple and New Amsterdam has been his life.

I can understand that we all make choices to change things in our lives for others, for ourselves, for the world around us.

I think sometimes we know what we’re leaving behind, but we also know that even though we’re leaving others behind, everything we know – it’s the possibility of what is better and how it can change for the better that gets us through.

Max thinks Floyd is gone, but finds him in the lounge resting. He’s ready to break in his replacement. That says a lot about Floyd’s character. He wants to make everything perfect because New Amsterdam is home.

But it’s as if New Amsterdam is ready for Floyd to leave. They know that he needs to. He feels unneeded. He says that he doesn’t want a big deal made of him leaving, but the truth is – I think he did.

He wanted attention and to feel needed and to be honest – that’s completely fair. We all want to be needed and loved. I think we all put so much work into our jobs and they are where we spend the most time. We want everyone to miss us, to feel as though the can’t live without us.

As Floyd walks out he sees a kid zoom past him in a wheelchair and seconds later he hears him screaming for help.

Floyd finds the kid is at the bottom of an elevator shaft. He jumps in to help as the kid is injured.

Floyd has this heart that wants to keep giving and being there for others. I am so appreciative of people like that.

The kid is injured and the doors stick closed. Floyd is trying to find a way to get the out when the elevator starts coming down. My heart may have stopped – I couldn’t deal with either person dying. They laid on the ground and the elevator stopped before it landed on them.

They were able to make enough noise to get help.

I will miss Floyd. I think that he was an amazing addition to the cast.


I don’t always understand Kapoor, but I love that man. He’s the doctor that wants to understand and be there for everyone, but he’s so in tune with his patients that I admire him.

His patient is paralyzed and he used to be a pilot. He’s had surgery and whatever it is they think they are going to be able to stimulate a part of his brain. The man is having some issues and Kapoor wants to do everything that he can to help his patient.

So when the other doctor says they need to stop, Kapoor insists on not doing that and challenging the man even more. He was a pilot and when they tell him that he’s going to be able to fly, he manages to be able to garner the strength to fly on the simulator.

Kapoor has to stop him, because he notices that the incisions on his brain are infected. They have to remove the device in his brain.

It broke my heart to see his face and the pain in it.

Knowing that you have to let go of the way that things are is hard. Knowing that your life has changed and you had something back you loved for a second and then it’s torn from you again… I can’t even imagine.

But I also could never imagine having to be the doctor that gives that news.

NEW AMSTERDAM — “Liftoff” Episode 217 — Pictured: Freema Agyeman as Dr. Helen Sharpe — (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)


  • The gala – Helen’s brainchild. I know that there were roadblocks a long the way, but I am glad it happened and that these kids had a platform to talk.
  • I feel like Helen should wear more green all the time
  • Iggy’s eating disorder. I am glad that they are addressing that eating disorders can come at any age and in many forms. I think it is important.
  • Dragon Lady is a biotch sometimes and sometimes she has a heart. I am really not sure how I feel about her.

New Amsterdam returns April 7th on NBC.

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