Starz ‘VIDA’: Season 3 Will Be Last

VIDA, The critically acclaimed series by Tanya Saracho, just announced that it will be airing it’s final season when the show returns Sunday, April 26th on Starz and Starzplay. This comes as a shock to fans of the LGBTQ and Latinx community because the show has become a staple of what it means to be both of these things in 2020.

According to Tanya Saracho, who penned a letter to fans, she never thought the process of writing VIDA would’ve changed her in such grand ways.

“When I began this journey three and a half years ago, I never dreamed that by the end of the process I’d be so wholly changed — mind, body and spirit — and that I’d be standing so strongly in my abilities to run and create a TV show the way it should have always been created: By us. When I started this, the landscape was a bleak one for Latinx representation. In the television landscape, the narratives about us were few and far between and were stuck on stereotypical. And I had only heard of one Latina showrunner who’d been allowed to run a show solo. Also for brown queers, there was truly no representation.”

Saracho also was very grateful for the the support VIDA has gotten from the start from fans like you and I.

This is where the thank-yous begin: Because you championed our delicate and darling little series, we were gifted three beautifully compelling, trailblazing seasons of television. Sincerely, this is why I wanted to personally write this letter, to express that your support has meant everything. It has meant two renewals and validation that our brown narrative is worth telling. I will never be able to thank you enough for your reception and endorsement. Truly.

And while we’re devastated, we’re also really excited about what’s to come, the key art just released, and the most recent trailer release for season 3, which you can check out below!

Check out the trailer HERE:

Check out the photos for season 3 HERE:

VIDA season three will premieres April 26th on Starz.

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