‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 7x09 Review: “Dillman”

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ 7×09 Review: “Dillman”

I know last week’s episode made it seem like Doug Judy was Jake Peralta’s best friend, but that’s just not true. It’s Charles Boyle. Always has been and always will be. Have they had a couple hiccups here and there since their friendship began? Of course. Who hasn’t. But Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s “Dillman” further proved that the bond that these two men have is unshakeable.

Now, most episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine have Boyle praising Jake. And Jake is great at his job, but so is Boyle. And it’s great to see the show remembering that and putting it front and center. That’s the only way and reason that Boyle is in the Nine-Nine anyways. He’s talented and Captain Holt wouldn’t have him on his team if he weren’t.

But what about Hitchcock and Scully? I mean…they’re not total idiots. For years they’ve been dubbed the dolts of the Nine-Nine but that flashback episode proved that they were some of the best detectives on the force. Also, they have excellent skills of deduction when it comes to food, especially pies. That’s something worth writing home about, right?

Back to Boyle and Jake. It was really nice seeing Jake have Boyle’s back and encouraging him to take the task force position. He deserves it after all the hard work that he’s put in over the years. Maybe this time, when he gets a commendation because we all know he will, someone like Sergeant Peanut Butter won’t be around to steal the spotlight.

“Dillman” also saw the expansion of characters like Rosa and Holt. For the latter we saw him bonding with someone that he greatly admired, setting a standard for who he considers the most talented. As for Rosa, we got to see another glance at the goober she truly is inside. Seriously, we know you’re a tough marshmallow.

Stop fighting it!

And then there’s Amy. Girl, we know you’re pregnant. Yes, the character is pregnant. But also, when they were filming this, I bet Melissa Fumero was pregnant herself. That has to be the reason why she’s always holding something or why they never film anything from the waist down. Coincidence? I think not!

Next thing you know she’ll be holding a purse, a lamp, or a box. Oh, wait. She did have a box! Anything to hide the baby bump.

But we’re here for it. 

Give us more pregnant #Peraltiago and give it to us now!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 8:30/7:30 EST on NBC.

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  1. Melissa Fumero had a son a few months ago.

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