The Workout Apps We’re Using During Quarantine

Looking out the window gets depressing. My street in New York is right next to a hospital. They’ve cleared off my street – no cars allowed to park here, and tents being erected for the sick.

So, to maintain my sanity, I have stopped looking out the window. Sure, I’ve begun to understand dogs even more, as I get why they always want to be outside and going for a walk. I would give anything for a walk outside, in the fresh air.

I miss working out. I never thought that my fat ass would say that, but I am saying it. I miss movement.

And with that being said and my refusal to set foot outside my door, I have had to think about other ways to get movement in. My Mom had Jane Fonda workout tapes. We have live streaming.

Here’s so programs that you may want to check out.


Obe has 28 minute and 10 minute classes – so you can fit it in a quick class anytime. We 14 live classes a day and several thousand on demand classes, of all different levels – Obe definitely helps you break a sweat.

Their teachers are all uplifting and exciting. They have a free 7 day trial also – so you can see if you like it.

Join here.


I will be honest, I had never heard of her before The Biggest Loser, but Erika Fit Love has been through it. She weighed 322 pounds and lost over 170. She knows how to motivate, how to be strong when she needs to and caring when she needs to.

I love that she has a Roku channel, so she’s super easy to workout to. For a limited time she’s offering a $14.25 a month membership. Her fit love squad is definitely a great community.

Join here.


The pain that I felt after 3 days of this workout – wow. The Sculpt Society does not fuck around. $119.99 for a year, you have unlimited access to workouts.

The mixture of dance really gets your cardio on. It’s also fun.

Join here.


I thought that Peloton was just bike rides, but hey – it’s not that way at all. You may have thought that the commercial where the man gave his wife one was insensitive, but if someone wants to gift me one – please do.

Peloton has a 90 day free classes promotion and they will kick your ass. But in the best way possible.

They have live classes and classes on demand. I love them. And 90 days free in this time is amazing.

How are you staying active while in Quarantine?

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