‘Supernatural’ Season 15 Endings: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

With Supernatural on pause until God only knows when, we thought it would be a good idea to sit back, relax, and comb through some possible endings for the series as a whole. Will Sam and Dean get the happy ending they deserve? Will God get the short end of the stick and finally bite the bullet? And will Jack and Cas survive the struggle to stop God and protect their loved ones?

We discuss below with three possible endings: the good ending, the bad ending, and the ugly ending. Two of them we hope we don’t get, one is most likely, and one is the worst possible ending out there. 

The Good Ending

This is the ending we most desperately want but probably won’t get unless some brilliant mind makes a fanfiction solving all of their problems with a cherry on top. Bonus if they’re all alive in this scenario, which I think they would be at the end of the day because this is the big “heroes win the day” moment that won’t be eclipsed by anything.

Sam, Dean, Cas, and Jack live in this ending. They juice up Jack til he’s ready to fight God and destroys him with loads of help from Sam, Dean, Cas, and Death. Oh, and don’t forget Amara. In this scenario she works with Team Free Will to destroy her brother and allow her to live her life on her own terms.

On an even brighter note, this is the ending where Sam and Dean start working on something a little more than the hunter life. They have free will and they are going to use it to hunt monsters, save the day, and get the girl or guy (because we’re still holding out for Destiel.) They’ve been stuck for a while because of God. But without his influence around, the skies the limit.

So, please give us this ending. Give us one where Jack is alive and learning to take on the world with his dads by his side. Give us one where Cas settles down and finds his home. Just give it to us all. We’re here for it. We’re ready for it. 

The Bad Ending

This is the ending where some of them die. And honestly, I think it’s the one that will most likely happen. There has to be a cost for this war against God and no matter how good the Winchesters are, a battle like this requires sacrifice and big gestures of love and family. And this included Cas and Jack. They are family and I fear that they might die while others survive.

And the crazy part of it all, is that we’ve seen the Winchesters do this for each other over their 15 season run. Sam has given his life for Dean. Dean has given his life for. And every time it happened, we were reacquainted with the pain of a world where one of the Winchesters live while the other dies.

On the bright side, this ending will definitely have God dead. I know Dean was worried about Amara but we honestly don’t think she gives a shit about what happens to her brother, especially after he locked her up for so long. So, go ahead Team Free Will. Take on God and kill him with the knowledge that Amara is going to think that this is what God deserves.

And on a darker note, I think Dean is going to sacrifice himself for Sam. But then Sam is going to come out of nowhere to rescue Dean because of everything that Dean did for him growing up. But wait, there’s more! Cas steps in and tries to save both of them, taking on the role of the sacrificial lamb of this story. Finally, Jack makes an appearance, the most powerful all.

He’s here to kill God and he’ll protect his family, or what’s left of it when this battle rages on and dies, til his dying breath.

The Ugly Ending


This is the ending where all of them die. Is it the most unlikely? No. The cast has spoken about the end of their characters as if it was okay that they died. Do we want this ending? Hell no. The Winchesters have worked hard their entire lives to protect those around them from the things that go bump in the night and live in the light of day.

Having ALL OF THEM die is the bad place and something that I think no fan wants, even if The CW tries to spin it as some beautiful and poetic death. One where the largest sacrifice could only be done by the ones that have sacrificed their lives for others and will now make that same choice one last time.

And we call bullshit.

We don’t want Sam to die. We don’t want Dean to die. We don’t want Cas to die. We even don’t want Jack to die, and he’s the newest member of Team Free Will. They have so much to live for and cutting off that opportunity for them to do more than hunting, feels cruel. And that’s especially true because they’ve been doing this dance with us for 15 years.

But I do understand that this one might be the easiest one. What if cast members are already working on other projects when the coronavirus decides to calm it’s ass down? What if they can’t get the actor who plays Jack Kline back? What if they can’t get Jared Padalecku back? Maybe a voice over where you learn about their sacrifice is what they can give us. 

Will we like it? Hell with a side of no.

But will we make due considering the general state of the world? Absolutely.

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