Mark-Paul Gosselaar Gets Eggs From An Unexpected Place

Going out for food is something that I don’t want to have to do again for a long time. Like, no joke.

You’d laugh cause my fridge is equipped so that I can survive on coffee if need be.

But I crave veggies and fruits. I also know that they are hard to get, and that there are people that need it more than me. I wish that I had room for a garden and that I had paid more attention as a child to all the things that my Grandma had tried to teach me about growing my own food.

I also hate eggs, but you know what – I would eat an egg salad sandwich right now.

In California, Mark Paul Gosselaar took to Instagram to reveal that he picked up some eggs from a place that we wouldn’t think of getting it from.

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Special delivery and pick up. #buttnuggets

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“I’ve gotten a lot of phone calls lately of people wanting produce, and there’s so much citrus happening right now… I’m definitely a hot commodity in the neighborhood,” Tiffani said about it in an interview with ET. “He actually came to me. What I did is I actually put them outside our gates and then he actually came by and picked them up because he was out and about. He doesn’t live far. Maybe 15 minutes, 10 minutes at most. So he’s not far at all.”

It’s sweet of friends to take care of each other. We hope you are taking care of and checking in on your friends and family.

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