‘Survive’ Episode 9, “Exit Strategy”


It’s this weird thing in life when you find a will to survive that you never knew you needed or that you had. For Jane and Paul, they’ve found a will.

And they have found that in each other.

Paul talks to Jane about the exit strategy. He’s giving up. All of this is too much for him. He’s in pain. He’s afraid. And he thinks that he was overly confident.

They should have stayed where they were at the plane. No one is going to find them in a snow covered cave.

No drama where there is no drama.

You know who told him that? His Mom. His Mom died of cancer and never wanted him to cry in front of her. She wanted him to be strong and he wanted to break down and cry.

It stuck with him.

I think that this was an important moment for Jane because she needed to know that other people could understand. She’s lived her whole life with her pain, but I think that seeing that others have gone through trauma that has hurt them, but they have come out the other side.


Jane is finding her way out the other side, by the will that she has found to survive.

Jane tells him that they are alive and that they are going to find their way out of there. She tells him that they are going to be okay. They hug and smile and tell each other that they are going to get out of there.

And the next day, they leave the cave. Jane tells him they have to keep moving and staying ahead of the weather. It’s the same thing that Paul had said to her.

They make strides. Paul and her take a break and he tells her that they need to get down the the valley. If they get to a river it leads to a road and a road leads to people.

Continue long walk and Paul tells Jane to stay put. He thinks he’s seen something.

Here’s me not understanding why she needs to stay put, but what do I know? That 10 feet means nothing.

Oh wait – I am watching TV, so that 10 feet and a call of her asking what he sees is a big clue that shit is about to go down.

Paul is so excited that he’s found the river, and turns to tell Jane. He slips and falls over the cliff.

Jane yells his name but we don’t know if he’s okay.

Survive is streaming now on Quibi.

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