'The Wretched' Movie Review: One of the Scariest Movies of 2020

‘The Wretched’ Movie Review: One of the Scariest Movies of 2020

Dear The Wretched,

We need to talk. 

Don’t worry. I’m not breaking up with you or casting you to the side like used up garbage. You’re not used up. In fact, you’re the right kind of new scary that people deserve in their lives and I’m here to talk about why. So, take this more as a love letter to the movie that scared me so bad that I had nightmares for a whole week. True story.

Why was I scared? 

First off, the creature of The Wretched. Without giving too much away, because I believe that you should watch this movie asap, the creature designed for this movie made me want to cover my entire body with a blanket and hide away. Because as you know, blankets protect you from everything that goes bump in the night. Creatures included.

This creature in particular…there was something in the way they carried themselves. They were obviously not human and were trying their best to pretend they were. But there was something just a little bit off, just a little bit too perfect, that made you lock onto the fact that they were different. And those small differences mattered and made me wig out when it was walking around, pretending to be normal.

I want to thank the directors, producers, and everyone in the visual effects team for bringing this creature to life. Not only did they look creepy with all their crouching, creepy eyes, and weird growly noises. They sold the tale of something otherworldly and just…not right. The fact that we only got glimpses of it here and there made it even MORE creepier too!

Second off, and why this movie did so well, is the cast that led us down this journey or mystery and horror. They managed to bring to life a creature and atmosphere that had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. And I’m talking about everyone on screen. No matter how small their role was, they made the creature, the horror, come to life.

Even better yet, I connected with the actors and characters of The Wretched. I understood the loss of family, the fear of strangers, changing tides, and new loves. All relatable things that anyone can connect with and that I certainly bonded with. And because I could connect to it, I could see something as wickedly crazy as The Wretched happening in my life.

Seriously, there were moments where I heard something outside my house or from my next door neighbors and there was no way I was going to investigate. Blankets and hiding it is and will be for me, thanks to The Wretched, the creature they created and the world that went along with it!


Still Scared Out of My Mind

The Wretched is available on video on demand.

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