Emma Stone Talks About How She Deals With Anxiety

Anxiety is a bitch. It’s one of those things that can take over us and one of those things that can shape our lives.

And right now is a time where anxiety is shaping a lot of us due to this pandemic.

It’s something that is kind of taboo to talk about, and perhaps because of that something we don’t spend enough time talking about. Emma Stone opened up about how she deals with anxiety in a new video, in a partnership with the Child Mind Institute.

Emma Stone is one of the celebrities partnering with the organization on the  #WeThriveInside initiative.

Right now is a crazy time where anxiety is in overdrive for a lot of us.

“Many of us are dealing with isolation, anxiety and uncertainty during this COVID-19 crisis, and this includes the 17 million kids and teens in America — that’s one in five — who have a mental health disorder,” Emma shared. “We’re inviting you to be part of our team.”

She continued with how she copes with her anxiety, “something I really like to do when I’m struggling with anxiety is a brain dump. What I do is just write down anything that I’m worried about.”

A journal is a great solution.

How do you cope with anxiety?

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