‘Killing Eve’ 3×04 Review: “Still Got It”

Not gonna lie, coming into Killing Eve‘s “Still Got It” I wasn’t excited. There was too much promise of a Niko centered episode and that’s yawn territory for sure. Then Killing Eve delivered on one the best build ups I’ve ever seen that deserves a chefs kiss and all the awards.

Now I see the point. Niko didn’t see “the point” but I sure did and it was extraordinary. This was an episode where we checked in on all the players. We got to see where they are, the moves they are making, and how they all interconnect. It’s also a big episode on setting up the future of Killing Eve.

Eve has been at a stand still for a while. I’d say ever since Villanelle “betrayed” her and shot her, leaving her for dead. But who wouldn’t be changed by something like that and have their world collapse all around them? I know I would be. She was still at a stand still after what happened to Kenny too, no answers in sight, just tons of questions.

Just for a moment, and because of Dasha, Eve saw a little bit of hope in her life. And Eve made the choice, the decision, to go back to Niko and try to fix whatever they could, in the time they had. Dasha didn’t plan for Eve to come to Poland right when she was about to kill him and frame Villanelle for it, but it was perfection nonetheless that will send Eve on a spiral like none before.

Eve will believe that Villanelle did it. Who wouldn’t after the lovely note left on his body? I know I would. Because of this, she’s going to go harder on The Twelve. She’s going to push every boundary she can and make sure that those who try to ruin her life, rue the day they decided to fuck with Eve and any part of her life.

I don’t think it’ll last though. There will be a moment when Eve and Villanelle will meet. Eve will confront her about what happened and Villanelle’s refusal to take any credit for it will shock Eve because this killer is not one for lying. She’s all up for playing games, sure, but lying about killing Niko? No way.

That’s when things will shift entirely for Eve and Villanelle. Maybe for the first time since they’ve known each other, they’ll end up on the same side: trying to survive The Twelve and the people that want to keep them apart because business is better when they are apart.

And isn’t that a fascinating thing to think about; these two against the world? This is coming from someone who doesn’t ship them one bit but who can not deny their irresistible chemistry and connection with each other. Just imagine how their relationship will shift and blossom if they’re on the same side?

Brilliant writing, cinematography, and unforgettable scenes are coming for us, Killing Eve fam. And I’m more than ready for it. I welcome it. Well, I welcome more of it. And “Still Have It” was a testament to how good this show is and much greatness it still has coming it’s way.

Killing Eve airs Sundays at 9/8c on BBC America.

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