‘Vida’ 3x02 Review: Lies, Upon Lies, Upon Lies

‘Vida’ 3×02 Review: Lies, Upon Lies, Upon Lies

Starz Vida’s second episode of season 3 was all about lies. Lies we tell ourselves. Lies we tell others. And secrets that we keep because of those lies that we’re afraid of. Lies, upon lies, upon lies. And you know what happens when too many clash? An explosion of drama that is hard to come back from and painful to watch. 

First up, Emma and Nico. Personally, I wouldn’t be mad if the person I was with was secretly married. Like, I’d be a little miffed because I wasn’t told, but that’s kind of none of my business and why should I care anyway if the person I’m with is separated from their partner? I mean, for many it brings up the question, “If they’re lying to me about this, what else are they lying about?”

But I don’t think Nico kept this married secret from Emma because she was trying to hurt her. In fact, I think she didn’t tell her because she thought that either Emma wouldn’t care because she’s such a strong and self assured woman that this wouldn’t bother her because it was in the past. 

What ended up happening is that Emma saw Nico as another person lying to her and keeping secrets. Just like her mom. And like everything that even resembles what her mom did to Emma and Lyn, Emma pushes against it and broke things off with Nico without taking a moment to consider that Nico is not her mom. She’s nothing like her. No one is.

That leads us to Vidalia. That woman was a masterclass of keeping secrets from the ones she loves. She made everyone in Emma and Lyn’s life go along with this story that her husband and their father had died. Then she alienated Emma, lied to Eddy, and let everyone else pick up the pieces of the secrets that she kept after her passing.

She’s a right piece of work that keeps causing trouble from the grave. And with every secret that is discovered, she keeps driving a wedge between her and her daughters and the people that they have in their lives. Because she’s taught her girls to distrust those around them and that everyone lies to you at one point or another.

Finally there’s Mari. She was depending on her brother to take her father to his transfusion. And he promised, said he was going to do it. Lo and behold he didn’t and we’re not sure if not going to get his transfusion is the thing that killed him or if it was just his time. This isn’t me saying that he necessarily lied, he just didn’t keep his promise and we don’t know if his actions resulted in the death of his father.

At the end of the day, these young Latina women have learned to not trust those around them because all they’ll be led to is disappointment and lies. And it isn’t fair to anyone. It isn’t fair to the ones hurt because not everyone is a liar. And it’s not fair to those that lied because forgiveness is the name of the game and who hasn’t fucked up once or time in their lifetime?

What I hope comes for them next is a round of reality, truth, and love hits them all. Because that’s what they all deserve. And I hope that when it all hits them, they accept it, and come out as better people because of it.

On a special side note, thank you to everyone at Vida for the lovely bath scene we got between Emma and Nico. It was refreshing AF to see, intimate in a way only Vida knows how, and somehow still really really hot. All in all, I loved every second of it and can’t wait for more scenes between these two because I don’t think their love is over at all!

Vida airs Sundays at 9/8c on Starz.

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