‘Vida’ 3x04 Review: Oh the Disrespect in That One

People were being disrespected left and right in this week’s all-new Vida. Like seriously, I kept thinking about that Mulan gif where Mushu goes, “Dishonor! Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your whole family!” And even now, hours after watching the episode, I can’t get over how much people were trampingRead More →

‘Vida’ 3x02 Review: Lies, Upon Lies, Upon Lies

Starz Vida’s second episode of season 3 was all about lies. Lies we tell ourselves. Lies we tell others. And secrets that we keep because of those lies that we’re afraid of. Lies, upon lies, upon lies. And you know what happens when too many clash? An explosion of dramaRead More →

VIDA season 3 is almost upon us and the Latina in me is more than a little excited. That girl is ECSTATIC! So, here’s what we know so far. Season 4 will be airing 6 episodes week-to-week on Starz and was written by an all Latinx writers room and directedRead More →

Joining a new family is always nerve wrecking. It’s even more so when it’s an acting family that is pushing the boundaries when it comes to the content made available to actors and viewers a like. That’s exactly what it felt like for Adrian Gonzalez when he joined the LatinxRead More →