Starz ‘VIDA’ Interview with Adrian Gonzalez

Joining a new family is always nerve wrecking. It’s even more so when it’s an acting family that is pushing the boundaries when it comes to the content made available to actors and viewers a like. That’s exactly what it felt like for Adrian Gonzalez when he joined the Latinx family over on Starz VIDA for season two. It was exciting, thrilling, and made him feel the kind of nervous anyone feels when they know they’re doing something important.

We got a chance to speak with Starz VIDA star Adrian Gonzalez, aka Rudy aka the politician cutie that Lyn was spending time with, about his experiences working on such a ground breaking show. From Melissa Barrera being a goddess to working with an all female directed second season, we’ve got you covered!

On a final note, please make sure to follow Adrian Gonzalez over on his Instagram HERE. Trust us, you won’t regret it or the workout videos Gonzalez posts while supporting the queer community during Pride!

1. What was it like joining the Vida family?

It was exciting! I was thrilled, and nervous. It’s not every day that you get to be on such a groundbreaking tv show. The cast, writing team, and crew really embraced me as part of the family right from the start. In the end it was all a dream come true.

2. How did working in a completely female-directed second season change things for you as an actor?

Honestly it didn’t change anything for me. I was fortunate to be working with incredibly talented directors that made the process playful and collaborative. I think it’s important for a show that is female driven, to be seen through a female gaze. It gives it a stronger point of view that resonates with the characters and stories. They made the whole process very easy for me.

3. Being surrounded by Latinx actors, writers, and directors seems like a mind blowing experience from my point of things. How was it for you?

It’s unbelievably mind blowing and necessary, especially in a show like this! It felt like home for me. When you have a show with a life and culture as specific as “Vida,” it’s vital to have a team that speaks the same language. It creates an authenticity you won’t be able to find otherwise.

4. How was it working alongside Melissa Barrera?

Melissa Barrera is a goddess! She’s wonderful to work with and I couldn’t have asked for a better scene partner. She’s smart, funny, ridiculously talented, and let’s not forget stunning. She made every day a delight to be on set and we laughed a lot.

5. What do you hope people take away from your character Rudy?

That he’s a sweet, sincere guy, that has a genuine interest in Lyn. I hope people see a different possibility for Lyn. The potential of a new, exciting, and let’s not forget kinky relationship, that will bring about some more great stories.

Starz VIDA season 2 is available now!

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