Braime Fic: Reads You Might Have Missed After the Finale

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  1. Stella says:

    What is True but not ideal By Vera (Vera_DragonMuse)

    SO GOOD. Brienne as a bartender at Tyrion’s bar. That’s it that’s all I want to say without trying to ruin it by explaining. The spin off one-shots with other characters are also amazing. Complete.

    Heart Full of Gasoline by SD Wolfpup

    Brienne and Jaime as Formula 1 race car drivers. NSFW but the slow burn and perfect plot that goes way past just figuring out they love each other. So you know, you actually get to enjoy them as a couple. Work in progress but updates have been fairly regular.

    The Lion, The Wench, & The Wardrobe Trailer

    VERY LONG work in progress (like 150 chapters right now) so not for the faint of heart. But has some of my favorite writing and BRAIME tropes. Jaime as a movie star & Brienne as his PA.

  2. Anne Booth says:

    My favorite Braime fanfic was one called ‘It Will Always Be Yours (think it was on Ao3 and, and it follows the canon Season 8 story, which I surprisingly enjoyed because it adds missing scenes and gives closure to Brienne’s story, and had good flashbacks of the earlier seasons as well. It also has an alternative happy ending!

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