See Behind The Scenes of ‘Swimming With Sharks’

I love Quibi. I really do. I haven’t had a chance to watch it lately, but that’s because I have been binge watching everything On Demand, because people have gotten me into watching Chicago P.D. and trying to understand the ships.

On that subject – I get it.


But back to Quibi. Do I understand why they cut off their shows the way that they do? No. Like, sometimes the way they break it up makes absolutely no sense to me. BUT – that being said, I still can’t get enough.

It’s their great content and the amazing actors that they have on their shows.

One that I can’t wait for? Swimming With Sharks.

It’s based on the 1990’s movie, “Lou (Shipka), a young female assistant, works for Joyce (Kruger), a sole female studio head, at a company filled with manipulators, schemers and intrigue, but little do they know Lou is poised to outwit them all.”

Have I seen the movie? No. Have I heard of it? No. But Kiernan Shipka and Ross Butler are in it and my fandom loving heart will be right there watching it.

The shows writer posted a behind the scenes photo.

Have you seen the movie? Will you watch the show? What are your thoughts on Quibi?

Swimming With Sharks will premiere on Quibi later this year.

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