‘Younger’: Season 7 Wishlist

It’s been almost a year since Younger aired its sixth season. (Time passes too quickly!) I took advantage of quarantine to enjoy this show again, and after finishing it, I’m looking forward to watching season 7! But till that moment comes, we’re going to try to get our excitement up by making a wishlist about season 7.


If the show needs anything right now, it’s to end the love triangle between Charles-Liza-Josh for good. The previous season seemed to be the definitive one but, to my disappointment, it wasn’t. On the contrary, it was another twist on the same subject.  There’s an urgent need for a solution. Whomever they choose for Liza, it’s time for them to stop playing two ways, establish a couple, and work from there.

They don’t need a love triangle for this show to be interesting. Stories can be made up around an established couple, for example, Diana and Enzo. Of course, we all have our preferences regarding the ideal couple for Liza (#TeamJosh always around here) but I think we all agree that it’s time for this love triangle to end.


We need more of these two! They’re AWESOME separately but, unfortunately, lately they haven’t given much prominence in the story, especially Lauren. I hope they correct that in season 7. And if we can see them together sooo much better, because alone they‘re incredible but together, WOW! Together they’re explosive. And I like explosive things.


Now that the truth about Liza has come to light and there are no more secrets in this strange but perfect group, we need to see more scenes between all the girls! They are friends and it feels like they are too … separated. On the one hand, there’s Kelsey, Diana and Liza and, on the other, Kelsey and Laurel, and Maggie and Liza, but when do we have them all together? Hardly ever. This needs to change!

Season 6 did a wonderful job of showing the friendship between Kelsey, Liza and Diana but we need more … Laurel and Maggie are also part of that group of friends.  In fact, at the beginning of the series, there were very funny scenes between Kelsey, Laurel and Liza, but that was over when Kelsey discovered Liza’s secret and the show focused on other things. Those scenes should never have disappeared. And although it doesn’t bother us that they don’t always show them together, they do have to do it from time to time, so as not to give that feeling of disconnection between characters.


They are the perfect couple! The mirror in which Liza must reflect when evaluating her own love affairs. We’ll never tire of them, and we hope to see much more about this couple in the new season.


I felt this character somewhat blurred in season 6. She was there … but not as important as ever, and hardly ever with good, necessary and intelligent interventions.  We need more of her. We want depth in her plots, not just sporadic and funny scenes without purpose. I hope that in season 7 they solve this small problem.


This couple is the definition of love-hate. The pepper that makes them special is tug of war between the two. However, that has a limit. That tug of war should be tight but without breaking the rope. It must be more “innocent” and not with an intention to do actual harm.  

I feel that both in this pair have gone too far for the jugular, hurting each other, destroying each other … and that must end. And it should change because a couple who are great and really fun can end up being toxic. So I hope that in season 7 they don’t hurt each other.


The loss of the position that Kelsey won with so effort and hard work for nonsense that would not have been resolved in the same way if Kelsey were a man, was one of the big mistakes of season 6. I hope that season 7 will correct it and  Kelsey can get the job she deserves again.


How can we not love them! Just look at them … more scenes like that, please!

What do you expect to see in Younger season 7? What is to be changed? Don’t hesitate to share with us in the comments bellow!
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