Queerly Not Straight: 10 #Raylla Fanvids from ‘Motherland: Fort Salem’ That Made Us Swoon

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  1. Kevin says:

    i am obsessed with Raylla ❣

  2. Sonia says:

    I love Raelle and Scylla 😥 I hope that in the season 2 they will be together!!

  3. Loveuse says:

    OMG BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!! 😍

  4. Bertrand says:

    it’s one of the romance the most beautiful I’ve seen in a show. Chemistry between actors ( Amalia and Taylor ) is exceptional.

  5. calabre says:

    Just hope qu’elliote will make the right choice, this is one of the most popular couple. Many people adore them.

  6. Baby says:

    I love them 😘 real soul mates RAYLLA FOREVER 🤩💖💖

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